Supply Chain Robots in a Post-Pandemic World

eBook of the Year

Warehouse operations have felt the impact and changes caused by the 2020 pandemic and while the adjustments have been significant, they all point to one realization: there’s no going back. We’re now in a “New Normal”. This eBook will give you insight to help you:

  • Learn how the supply chain was slowly gearing up for a digital transformation and how COVID-19 caused a seismic shift
  • Explore how the sudden shift in consumer behavior to online vs. in-store shopping is impacting the warehouse
  • Discover how far the industry has come in addressing the issues that caused so much strain on the supply chain
  • Learn how fulfillment centers have discovered the Locus Multi-Bot solution and how it has enabled post-pandemic supply chain stability
  • Understand how automation will help warehouses come out stronger and better prepared for the unexpected

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