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Industrial Robots


Move industrial materials accurately, reliably, and predictably.

Improve profits with industrial mobile robots

IoT Industrial Automation in manufacturing and warehousing gets the right products to the right customers on-time. Industrial mobile robots increase the accuracy of orders picked and move product more efficiently, contributing to lean manufacturing process efforts and securing contracts for the long-term for industrial companies.

Examples of industries rapidly adopting automation industrial robots:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Supplies
  • Manufacturing
  • MRO/Janitorial/Sanitation (Jan-San) Supplies
  • Spare Parts

Industrial robotic automation improves order fulfillment


Industrial automation and robotics doubles and triple order fulfillment volumes without increasing labor or space


Increase the amount of work each associate is physically able to do and eliminate repetitive tasks with industrial automated solutions


Complete work, track metrics, reduce costs and report insights that grow the operation with solutions for industrial automation

Mobilize flexibility to adapt to your current and future demand

Hybrid Fulfillment

Hybrid Fulfillment

Hybrid Fulfillment

Because human workers are decoupled from the bots, they’re not tied to completing one entire order or limited by cart capacities. Humans and robots perform tasks together to pick more orders, faster, lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Our proven, adaptable, and highly flexible solution means you can be up and running in days, not months. Train associates in minutes and crush your productivity goals from go-live.

Brownfield & Greenfield Sites

Brownfield & Greenfield Sites

Brownfield & Greenfield Sites

Locus deploys easily within your existing warehouse infrastructure, without disrupting, slowing, or idling your operations. Or deploy Locus in a new greenfield facility and be up and running on day one.

Boost productivity immediately with a 4-week deployment and no infrastructure changes


Move and test autonomous mobile robots across multiple sites. Scale up or down to handle peaks and volume changes with fewer additional workers and no lengthy implementations. Add new bots to an existing fleet in minutes.


Supporting outbound fulfillment, inbound, transportation, and sortation, Locus covers the full spectrum of moves within the warehouse. Locus's robotic order fulfillment can handle any task – picking, putaway, case picking, cart picking, point-to-point transport, or sortation – from 3 oz to 3,000 lbs.


Locus bots can handle virtually any material handling and type of totes, containers, shipping boxes, or even coolers. The bots also easily and autonomously switch between multiple picking approaches, including batch and discrete order picking.


Locus bots navigate the same environments that humans do with no infrastructure changes with expert vision system. The LocusOne platform ingests orders, optimizes workflow, and drives multi-bot processes with machine learning and AI in industrial automation fulfillment.

Generate your highest revenues with full-service automation

Deliver the right products to the right customers in the right condition
  • Wide range of container sizes and types are chosen based on each order (soft, small, hazards, oversized, etc.)
  • Integrated task interleaving for seamless shelf replenishment and restock
  • Onboard scanner ensures a highly accurate process and quality control, reducing returns and exchanges
  • Safe in human-centric environments
  • The highly intuitive interface means new associates can be trained in minutes
  • Supports dozens of languages that automatically switch for each associate at the time of interaction
Partner with a provider that has your back
  • 24/7/365 customer support and robot support center
  • Manages shipment of bots during scale ups or downs to meet volume changes
  • Integrated with all the world’s leading WMS and order management systems
  • Provides training materials and support
Use real-time data to anticipate the unexpected
  • Live real-time reporting dashboards provide key insights to optimize your operations
  • Access data and reports from any device (including smartphones and tablets)
  • Generate accurate forecasts to prepare for peak or downtime
  • Review productivity rates by aisles, zones, robots, and associates
  • Find opportunities to maximize your space or resources for greater supply chain productivity
  •  Include more detailed insights in annual reports

Prioritize workers and strengthen your KPIs/SLAs

Keep up with fluctuating demand

With RaaS, operations have the flexibility to add bots when demand increases and send bots back when demand decreases.

Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Locus brings the work to the worker, eliminating unproductive walking time to significantly improve productivity and lower cycle times. Locus robotic system also improves workplace ergonomics and health & safety, and helps with worker recruiting and retention.

Obtain that ROI in record time

With hundreds of successful deployments, our team is ready to evaluate your operations and design your solution to reach ROI in record time. It starts with a call, let’s talk today.

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