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We know a lot about robots. We also know a lot about security, privacy, and sustainability.

Any Compliance Concerns?

If you have any questions or would like to report compliance concerns
or violations, please contact us at

Warehouses trust Locus to increase their efficiency
and pick more units each day.

They believe in our company, our employees, our software, and our co-bots. That’s why we work every day to strengthen and keep that trust through ongoing security and compliance reviews, certifications, policies, and best practices.

Here are a few areas of importance that we focus on when it comes to TRUST:


We deploy strong and tested security foundations and enforce our practices and preparedness with ongoing employee security awareness training for every member of our team.

Learn more about secure AMR deployments.

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We are committed to protecting the personal data and identifying information of our employees, our customers, and their customers alike.

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We are certified in compliance and undergo regular, third-party audits to ensure the highest level of compliance and trust to our customers.

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Continuous Risk Mitigation

We prioritize remediation efforts based on risk assessments that leverage the context of the vulnerability, the complexity of the vulnerability exploit, and our resistance to the exploit through detective and preventive measures.  

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Data Protection

We protect all data, which encompasses personal data, PII, Protected Health information, sensitive and confidential data.

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Safety Attestations

We follow safety regulations and have confirmation of our safety protocols from the appropriate designations.

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Sustainability & Reliability

Locus Robotics is committed to global sustainability and reliability. As a technology leader, we actively support driving sustainability across all aspects of our business – from manufacturing to deployment, support, and maintenance.

Learn more about our Sustainability initiatives.

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