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Enterprise Robotics Automation for Greenfield and Brownfield Sites

Warehouse Automation Company with trusted and predictable results, delivering fast ROI

Productivity improvement you can measure
Productivity improvement you can measure
AMR robots deliver predictable, customer- documented results
Designed for your warehouse
Designed for your warehouse
Automation solution built by experienced warehouse and robotics pros
Scale to match your orders
Scale to match your orders
Automated warehouse solution easily expands to meet volume spikes, manage growth and reduce labor costs
Up and running in 4-6 weeks
Up and running in 4-6 weeks
Cost effective solution provides immediate productivity by automating tasks, with ROI in just months
Real-time insights at your fingertips
Real-time insights at your fingertips
Dashboards feature centralized, real-time warehouse operational data

The Right Robotics Technology for the Job

Powered by LocusOne - the industry’s only fully integrated warehouse robotics system that seamlessly coordinates and manages all of your product movement needs. This advanced technology makes complex tasks easier in your fulfillment and distribution centers. Locus' fleet features a variety of types of robots design to work side by side with human operators.

Locus Origin
Locus Vector
Locus Max
Origin is the most nimble autonomous mobile robot (AMR) on the market. This bot increases productivity two or three times in the most dynamic fulfillment environments.
Built for agile maneuvering and speed
Up to 80 lbs payload capacity
Flexible configurations
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This robot is ideal for material handling and logistics. It has a strong chassis, can move in any direction, and features a compact design for use in any environment.
Vector's shelf holds goods securely
Up to 600 lbs payload capacity
Case picking, transport, and automated transfer to and from conveyors
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Get unparalleled flexibility and capacity to transport a wide variety of materials, cartons or pallets across your facility.
Move pallets and irregular materials with ease
Up to 3,000 lbs payload capacity
Heavy-duty construction for industrial and manufacturing environments
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Seeing is Believing - What Our Customers are Saying

The LocusBots have already shown improvement to our operations in terms of quality, consistency, and productivity
Paul Papoutsis
Director of Operations
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The Locus solution helps CEVA be ready for the future.
Ferry Jacobs
Contract Manager
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Before Locus Robotics, we were picking at 40 UPH. With the bots, we're able to get to 140-150 UPH.
Mario Arroyo
Director of Operations
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The UPH when we were picking by cart was 35 and then it went up to 90 UPH when we used the bots
Spencer Earle
Director of Supply Chain
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Our productivity rates were 78 UPH and we're currently picking about 150 UPH. That's a fantastic rate and a fantastic improvement.
Mike Nowell
General Manager
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