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The LocusOne platform seamlessly connects with any WMS system – including all of the world’s leading WMS and warehouse management systems – using proven and reliable APIs.

Integrations with LocusOne

We work closely with your IT teams to ensure smooth and easy integration that ensures that you’re online and operational 24×7. LocusOne also integrates rapidly and efficiently with other automation technology – such as sortation or packaging systems – ensuring that our nimble, scalable robotics solution can be easily deployed into both brownfield and greenfield environments.

How LocusOne Fits Into Your Warehouse Operations


Fully integrated with your WMS, Locus instantly receives orders, optimizes them for picking efficiency and then transmits back confirmations instantly. Your management team gets real-time, insightful, operational performance data such as UPH, LPH, robot productivity and status, worker productivity, and more.


Locus’s powerful, dedicated WiFi network is designed to be separate from your existing network, allowing LocusBots to communicate efficiently and securely without disrupting your existing operations. Locus provides all of the equipment and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades, ensuring that you’re always up and running.

Extensible On-board Hardware

Locus lets you add expanded functionality through its innovative, built-in powered accessory port. Easily incorporate specialized accessories and peripherals that add even more flexible functionality and increase productivity in your operation.

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