ISN Improves Productivity by 266% With Automation From Körber and Locus Robotics


Integrated Supply Network uses LocusBots to improve picking productivity and mitigate worker shortages.


Integrated Supply Network Inc., or ISN, is a leading independent wholesaler and private-brand owner of tools, equipment, and supplies in the automotive industry. The company has been expanding its distribution centers, dealing with staffing challenges, and responding to an increase in small package shipments from 50% of its volume to 80% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 35 years of experience in logistics, ISN’s customer service includes picking and shipping on the same day, so it needed high efficiency. A longtime user of the K.Motion warehouse management system (WMS), the Lakeland, Fla.-based company turned to Körber for help.

Körber’s Supply Chain business area said it provides software, robotics, and materials handling systems and the expertise to tie them together. Körber worked with long-time strategic partner Locus Robotics to deploy 49 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in ISN’s warehouses in Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Fresno, Calif.

Körber Supply Chain has deployed LocusBots at ISN facilities in three cities.

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