Optimize Multi-level Mezzanine Warehouse Fulfillment

Intelligently orchestrate fulfillment tasks across multiple levels and mezzanines for maximum throughput

Locus makes multi-level mezzanine management easy and efficient. Our advanced mezzanine warehouse system acts as an optimization engine to intelligently orchestrate in-level task/pick clustering and directed pick-and-pass across multiple levels and mezzanines. It actively directs LocusBots and workers to follow the most efficient order-picking sequences for optimal productivity.

Locus’s innovative Pick-and-Pass feature clusters and directs ecommerce order fulfillment work across multi-level mezzanines and vertical warehouses for increased productivity, flexibility, and maximum throughput.

You’ll have full visibility and insight across all floors with Locus’s fully-integrated and rich reporting dashboards, helping you actively monitor productivity rates and workflows – in real-time – from anywhere 24/7.

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Intelligent orchestration of tasks across multiple levels in warehouses

Directed Pick & Pass for Optimal Throughput

Get In-level task clustering for optimal picking density with dynamic container assignment. Easily interleave discrete and batch picking, or pick each-picks, innerpacks and cases

Integrates with any WMS

Locus fully integrates easily with the world’s leading WMS systems, including Körber, Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder, SAP, Softeon, Zethcon, and even  your custom WMS!

Locus Mezzanine Management

Flexible & Adaptable

Dynamically configure bottom-up and top-down workstreams to match your workflows, add mezzanine levels, turn stations on/off, and reassign LocusBots across levels

Seamless Handoff

Easily  integrate handoffs to conveyors, slides, putwalls, configure drop-offs at packing stations. Even pick to outbound cartons to eliminate added packout steps

business intelligence

Real-time, Multi-Level Dashboards and Management Reporting

Rich performance metrics with actionable insights

Locus’s Management Dashboards and Reporting tools give you unparalleled, real-time, management metrics and insight to effectively monitor and optimize performance and throughput – across all floors. You’ll have actionable insight you can use to keep your organization to stay focused on meeting your daily, monthly, and annual company performance metrics.

  • Monitor activity across levels in real-time
  • Track productivity rates, completed and unassigned work, pick pace, and more
  • Active heat maps give you full visibility into your operations
  • View all floors or each floor individually