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March 21, 2023

Move What Matters in Your Warehouse

Author Icon Mary Hart, Senior Content Marketing Manager

You move what matters every day in your warehouse. And Locus is here to help.

We have reimagined warehouse fulfillment and redefined warehouse automation to transform the industry through higher productivity and value for our customers while improving workplace quality and safety for your workers.

We’re committed to handling your every need within the fulfillment warehouse. Whether it’s getting a holiday gift to a child, just-in-time parts to a dealer network, or an artificial hip to a patient, we help our customers move what matters.

As we reinvent warehousing’s future, we’re continually evolving our products and services to fuel your growth and success.

Watch our Perspective: How do you "Move" What Matters?

Because getting that right—for everyone we serve—is what matters to us.

Results Matter

Whatever your success metric, that’s what matters to us. We’re helping you end supply chain bottlenecks, speed automation deployment, and maintain smooth, seamless operations. Over the years, we’ve proven we can do that for clients all over the world. And we’re committed to achieving impressive results such as these for you:

  • Boost productivity 2-3x
  • Increase order accuracy to 99.9%
  • Reduce overtime hours by 15%
  • Shorten cycle times by 50%
  • Reduce training time by 80%

By collaborating with your team, aligning with your workflow, and empowering your workforce, Locus reimagines your business so you can realize your goals, and create new possibilities. Move with Locus and move into an exciting new world of potential.

Versatility Matters

Any payload. Any process. Any use case. Whether your warehouse serves the healthcare, industrial, retail, or e-commerce markets—or if you’re a 3PL serving a wide variety of customers—Locus has the dynamic solution to meet your fulfillment requirements. From 3 ounces to 3,000 pounds, Locus moves what matters.

Adaptability Matters

Solutions for Brownfield or Greenfield facilities

Whether you’re upgrading an existing site or building from the ground up, whether your site has 100 bots in 25,000 square feet or 1,000 bots in 1 million square feet, Locus will automate your operation smoothly and seamlessly. We can deploy into your current environment with no productivity disruption or deploy a highly flexible, extensible solution into a new space that will meet your needs for years to come. Most importantly, we’ll help you maximize your warehouse usage and employee productivity from Day 1.

Innovations for any use case

Whether your warehouse handles picking, putaway, transport, dynamic pallet movement, returns, or any other use case, we have the automation solution that keeps everything moving.

Optimize storage density

Working with new or existing racking, or very narrow aisles, we can make the most of every inch of available space in your warehouse in order to achieve your productivity goals.

Maximize vertical efficiencies

Take full advantage of your space by utilizing mezzanines. LocusBots have the flexibility, speed and agility to navigate tight environments and vertical spaces, increasing productivity while maximizing capacity.

Scalability Matters

With Locus, you can easily add bots during demand surges, or reduce bots during slow periods — and even expand operations into other parts of your warehouse when needed, including adding 100’s or 1000’s of bots at peak periods. This scalability means expanding your product line or onboarding new 3PL clients with varying workflows and products can be done quickly and cost-effectively.

Flexibility Matters

When demand changes or supply chain disruptions occur, LocusBots can seamlessly be deployed across both purpose-built and multi-tenant environments. As your warehouse needs change, we can extend the use cases of automation functionality.

Expertise Matters

Locus Robotics is committed to meeting your fulfillment needs better, faster, smarter — with the software, engineering, and support that demands. As the #1 choice of global brands, our innovative automation and insightful problem solving is transforming warehousing.

With our global presence, we’re able to serve customers anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to move what matters? Talk to us and we’ll tell you more!"