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May 30, 2023

Robots, Dinosaurs, and More Robots: An Automate 2023 Recap

Author Icon Mary Hart, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Detroit was the place to be last week for Automate 2023 with over 25,000 attendees, more than 750 exhibitors, and seven dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs (more about that in a bit). The tradeshow floor was energetic and the attendees were motivated and ready to learn about automating their workflows. 

Robotic Automation is Here to Stay

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were the name of the game at Automate, with more robotic vendors than ever before. At the Locus Robotics’ booth, visitors appreciated that they could come into the booth and see Locus Origin, Vector, and Max up close. The attendees were knowledgeable, asked all the right questions, and raved about the bots’ omnidirectional wheels and ability to weave around people. 

Seamless Orchestration with LocusONE Platform

Booth attendees also raved about the LocusONE platform, which is robust enough to support a thousand or more robots operating in sites as large as one million square feet or more. The platform executes multiple use cases and form factors (Origin, Vector, and Max) simultaneously in a single, intelligent, and orchestrated solution. With LocusONE, LocusBots engage in a diverse array of tasks within a single industrial warehouse. 

FANUC and Locus RoboticsAttention-Grabbers

FANUC’s bright yellow booth caught the attention of anyone walking into the tradeshow floor, and once attendees got to the booth, that attention remained. Attendees were shocked to see FANUC’s M-1000ia robot arm moving a 1,000 kg battery up in the air, with many people backing up a bit out of shock and then staying there to continue watching once they saw it was safe. 

At their booth, FANUC also exhibited a live demonstration of their robotic arm seamlessly picking into Locus Origin. These robotic solutions work in tandem to boost order accuracy, ramp up warehouse productivity, and reduce operational costs.

Robots for Work and Fun

No matter where you looked at Automate, you saw robots. The robotic solutions designed to catch a passerby’s eye included a robotic back massage and a robotic latte machine at AUBO Robotics, a number of robots serving beer during Happy Hour, a robotic dog, robots playing golf, and a robot bouncing a ball.

Robots were also on display changing tires at Kawasaki Robotics and moving bottles along a production line to be filled.

Dinosaurs on the Move

Dinosaurs at AutomateSo, what was that about dinosaurs? The seven inflatable dinosaurs that stomped through the tradeshow floor garnered attention, and they were doing so for a great cause. 

The seven women that walked the show floor in dinosaur costumes did so to stomp out stereotypes that have long plagued the engineering and manufacturing industries. Alicia Gilpin (Automation Ladies), Ann Wyatt (Workforce 4.0), Courtney Fernandez (United Robotics Group), Emily Wilkins (Marketing Metal), Meaghan Ziemba (Mavens of Manufacturing and Industrial Strength Marketing), Nikki Gonzales (Automation Ladies), and Sami Birch (Mission Design & Automation) have a mission to  encourage individuals from all backgrounds to pursue careers in these fields. 

“We want to bring awareness to the amazing opportunities within this sector that women and future generations can pursue as career pathways,” explains Meaghan Ziemba, owner and founder of Mavens of Manufacturing and content creator for Industrial Strength Marketing. “We want everyone to know that we have fun here, and we’re a giant force behind the successes and accomplishments of engineering and manufacturing.”

Now that you’ve seen what you missed at Automate, you don’t have to wait until next year in Chicago to improve your industrial operations. Locus Robotics can help you now! From picking to putaway; replenishment to returns, we have the dynamic robotics automation solution to meet your warehouse requirements. 

Talk to us and we’ll tell you more!