Locus Fleet

Locus Origin

Locus Origin is the intelligent autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that’s designed specifically for collaborative, high volume order fulfillment. With our exclusive, multi-bot approach, Locus Origin improves fulfillment productivity over 2X by eliminating unproductive walking time and ensures order accuracy. Since Locus Origin does the traveling, workers can be more productive enabling faster cycle times, improved ergonomics, worker safety, and overall workplace quality.

Locus Origin

Highly Configurable

Locus Origin can be easily configured to use multi-level shelving and a wide range of containers, from tote-arrays, bulk bins, and even shipping boxes, easily adapting to your workflow and product types. It seamlessly supports dynamic task-interleaving, letting you complete both pick and putaway/replenishment tasks at the same time, with the same labor force.

Efficient and Flexible

Incorporating the latest LiDAR and vision technology coupled with industry-leading navigation software, Locus Origin’s design makes it highly agile and flexible, easily working collaboratively alongside your workers in both existing and greenfield environments.


Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

Locus Origin’s intuitive and easy-to-use onboard user interface makes training faster - often in just minutes. Plus, it’s intuitive multi-language display improves worker accuracy and comfort. Its optional gamification feature can help workers stay on top of their daily goals and performance incentives.

Specifications & Features


22” diameter x 57.8” H
Payload Capacity
CE Certified to 36 kg. / 80 lbs.
8 sensors and cameras
Operating Time
14 hours per charge
Charge Time
50 minutes to full charge

Standard Features

Intuitive tablet-based user interface
Integrated scanner
Integrated on-board accessory port for accessories and peripherals
Flexible configurability
Patented tote array for faster fulfillment