Locus Fleet

Locus Vector

Locus Vector is the innovative, flexible, autonomous material handling and logistics robot specially designed for high-productivity material handling and logistics applications. Built with an industrial strength chassis, omnidirectional mobility, and compact design, the AMR can be deployed in a wide range of environments, tackling a variety of material handling tasks.

Locus Vector Autonomous material handling and logistics robot

Efficient and Flexible Logistics Automation Robotics

Our logistics automation robotics feature a high payload capacity of up to 600 lbs. Locus Vector can easily move anything in your operation. The flexible design allows multiple use cases, from shelf/rack moving, discrete order picking, and point-to-point material handling. Using it’s roller-top configuration, Locus Vector easily connects to conveyors, sortation, and other mechanized automation workflows.

Easy Maneuvering

Locus Vector’s unique, omnidirectional mobility enables it to easily maneuver in virtually any orientation to fit your specific needs. Its precision navigation technology, dual safety rated LiDAR sensors, and its 3 stage safety system lets Locus Vector bots work closely alongside workers safely and efficiently.


Innovative & Dynamic

Locus Vector’s 3D LiDAR 90 meter range adds an additional layer of safety and navigation accuracy for the most demanding dynamic warehouse environments. And, with our innovative autonomous charging system, Locus Vector can keep things moving through the longest workday, with minimal downtime.

Specifications & Features


76.2 x 56.5 x 50.8 cm
30 x 22.25 x 20 in
Payload Capacity
Up to 272kg / 600lb
Dual, 2D safety-rated LiDAR
Operating Time
8-10 hours per charge
Charge Time
~60 minutes to full charge

Standard Features

Innovative autonomous charging for opportunity charging
Mecanum wheels enable movement in any direction and any orientation
Lift Deck and Cart Connector configurations for pickup and movement of cases or carts
Autonomous charging, opportunity charging, and on-demand payload power
Intuitive & powerful facility mapping & mission set-up.