Maximize productivity and accuracy

LocusBots deliver 2x to 3x increase in productivity. It’s just that simple.

Get more done with lowered labor costs

Locus optimizes the entire picking process making it easy to increase picking volume and speed to efficiently meet your customer goals while improving the quality of your workplace and lower your labor and overtime costs.

More effective workers and an improved workplace

Locus dramatically improves worker productivity and accuracy by removing unproductive walking time that lowers worker productivity. LocusBots work collaboratively with associates improving the workplace environment helping them to be more effective and efficient.

Easy training, less walking equals higher productivity

LocusBots minimize unproductive worker walking time and eliminate carrying or pushing carts by autonomously travelling to the pick locations and where the workers are. And using LocusBots requires virtually no training. Workers can begin working with LocusBots almost immediately. The intuitive UI even automatically recognizes a worker’s preferred language onscreen, helping maximize picking speed and ensure near-perfect order accuracy.

Optimize productivity, stay on task, minimize fatigue

LocusBots automatically learn the most efficient travel routes to maximize overall pick efficiency, instantly sharing information with the other robots. Workers spend less time walking to pick locations, spending more time on task and increasing throughput, while minimizing worker fatigue.

Easy integration with your WMS system

LocusEmpower integrates with virtually any warehouse management or warehouse control system.

The LocusServer’s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with your existing WMS system, infrastructure, and workflow without disrupting your operation.