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Seamless WMS integration and operational flexibility

LocusEmpower makes it easy to integrate with any warehouse management or warehouse control system. There’s no complicated configuration or specialized coding required.

Easy WMS connecting and smooth integration

The LocusServer seamlessly connects to popular WMS systems using proven and reliable APIs. We work closely with your IT teams to ensure smooth integration to ensure that you’re online and operational 24×7.


Flexible, scalable, and efficient

The LocusServer scales to meet your operational growth and especially during critical peaks or sudden volume increases. It gives you the flexibility you need to easily manage staffing – simply add more LocusBots.

Linked to your WMS, the LocusServer instantly receives orders and then transmits back confirmations in real-time, while supplying your management team with insightful, operational performance data such as UPH, PPH, robot productivity and status, worker productivity, and more.

New LocusBots are automatically linked directly to the LocusServer, instantly sharing complete warehouse inventory status, and item locations. Through the LocusServer, they coordinate efficient paths, identify blockages, and other traffic issues with the other LocusBots, speeding deployment and efficiency, and improving pick rates and order throughput.

Powerful, flexible, and easily scalable

Powerful, flexible, and easily scalable

Locus seamlessly scales as you grow, and lets you easily manage peak periods and volume increases without  major capital expenditures or infrastructure changes.

Whether you’re handling growing e-commerce volume, managing peak periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or responding to a sudden spike in customer orders, Locus scales as your needs grow without adding expensive capital investment. Simply add more LocusBots.

Flexible and scalable