Robots de la chaîne d’approvisionnement dans un monde post-pandémique

eBook of the Year

This eBook contains insight directly from the warehouses of the ecommerce supply chain. Warehouse operations have been experiencing the impact and changes caused by the 2020 pandemic and while the adjustments have been significant, they all point to one realization: there’s no going back, we’re approaching a New Normal.

  • The supply chain was gearing up for a digital transformation … slowly. Learn how COVID-19 caused a seismic shift in drastically underprepared logistics
  • Read a month-by-month account of changing trends in consumer behavior driven by an instinctual need to cope with difficult times
  • Are we getting there? Find out how far we’ve come in addressing the issues that caused the supply chain so much strain
    Fulfillment centers have discovered the Multi-Bot solution. Learn how it has pivoted the post-pandemic supply chain towards stability
  • Read about post-pandemic market dynamics and the New Normal to not just survive this year, but possibly come out stronger and better prepared for the unexpected

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