The industry’s most flexible, effective, and scalable AMR fulfillment solution

The Locus Solution is the industry’s most powerful, flexible, and scalable autonomous mobile robotics solution. Designed specifically for warehouse and  e-commerce fulfillment, Locus dramatically improves all of your fulfillment metrics. It’s packed with the powerful and innovative features designed to help you work more efficiently and faster so you can deliver for your customers.

Seamless integration and fast deployment

Locus seamlessly integrate with your WMS system, deploying with your existing infrastructure and workflows. You’ll be operational in just days – not months – maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Flexible, adaptable, and scalable

Locus grows as your needs grow, easily scaling to meet seasonal peak periods or new expansion. Just add more bots! And, adding more LocusBots is easy. Right out of the box, each bot automatically links to your system, sharing the same information, including item locations, optimal travel routes, and performance reporting.

Highly flexible and configurable

Easily configure the Locus system to fit your existing workflows and use virtually any type of tote, box, or container needed, faster and more efficiently than traditional cart and motorized cart systems.

Detailed and insightful management reporting tools

Fully integrated and rich reporting tools let you gain insight into your operation, ideal for operations reviews, inventory management and slotting, and volume and future growth planning. In addition, the Locus Management Portal helps you efficiently manage day-to-day operations, in real-time.

Innovative, replenishment/putaway functionality delivers true task interleaving

Increase worker productivity by adding simultaneous picking and putaway/replenishment tasks using the same robots, while eliminating the need for separate teams and extra labor costs typically found in traditional, inefficient, and aisle-clogging cart-based techniques.


Locus Gamification lets you motivate and engage workers using personalized, on-screen performance challenges along with team goals that add friendly and fun competition to the workday. Workers see, in real-time, their performance toward goals right on the LocusBot screen as they work.

Flexible, point-to-point conveyance

Locus Transport lets you easily add a highly flexible and easily reconfigurable conveyor system to transport product around your warehouse, eliminating unproductive worker walking time to dramatically improve your operation’s productivity and efficiency.

Integrated peripheral accessory port

The innovative, powered accessory port lets you easily incorporate specialized accessories and peripherals such as label printers, scanners, and more to add expanded functionality to your operation.

LocusBots™ – Engineered for maximum efficiency

We’ve built the industry’s most modern and technologically advanced autonomous robot, incorporating the latest technologies and lightweight materials. LocusBot’s flexible design allows for a wide range of tote and bin configurations that meet virtually any fulfillment requirement.

Unlike other autonomous robot systems, LocusBots’ lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and in mezzanine configurations. Their user-friendly UI minimizes worker training time and improves pick accuracy.

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LocusServer™ – Easy WMS connectivity and scalability

LocusServer’s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with any warehouse management or warehouse control system. There’s no complex coding, setup, or maintenance required.

The LocusServer integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflow without disrupting or idling your operation. It’s highly scalable, making it easy to staff for peak periods and respond to sudden volume increases simply by adding more LocusBots.

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Powerful management insights and data-rich reporting

Integrated seamlessly with your WMS system, Locus gives you insightful, real-time reporting and metrics to keep you on top of your operation’s performance.

Track UPH, PPH, robot productivity, worker productivity, and more, with detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

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LocusManager™ – Mobile operations management

LocusManager™ connects you with your fulfillment productivity from wherever you need to work.

The powerful and intuitive mobile app lets you manage your workflow, your LocusBots, and get real-time, up-to-date performance and activity reporting – whether you’re on the warehouse floor or across the country.

LocusManager is designed to work with any mobile platform.

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Customer Success – World-class support to optimize your success

LocusEmpower keeps you productive and efficient. From initial planning and deployment to operations and customer support, our Customer Success team is always there to work with you, answer questions, and keep things working smoothly and efficiently.

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