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5 Top Takeaways from MODEX 2024

Discover the top takeaways from MODEX 2024, where Locus Robotics showcased cutting-edge automation and AI in logistics. This recap highlights the surge in robotics, AI advancements, technology’s impact on supply chains, and the unveiling of LocusHub for smarter warehousing solutions.

Happy International Women’s Day

Please join me today in celebrating the outstanding achievements and invaluable impact of our women colleagues, employees, and leaders. Their talents, dedication, and commitment exemplify the innovative spirit at the heart of Locus.

Understanding the Cybersecurity Risks of GenAI in the Logistics World

Female CTO in warehouse

Explore the benefits and cybersecurity risks of integrating GenAI into logistics operations. This blog discusses how generative AI revolutionizes warehouse efficiency but also highlights the need for stringent cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations.

Overcome Retail Warehouse Automation Anxiety with Robots

“We’re thinking of adding robotics to our retail warehouse, but I’m worried about the change. What if the technology is too complex? How will my team react? Can we really handle such a big transition? I just want it to work…”

Top Warehouse Automation Security Topics to Discuss with a Vendor

As digital threats loom larger than ever, automating your warehouse is not just about enhancing operational efficiency — it’s equally about safeguarding your digital and physical assets. The relentless rise in cyber threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks underscores the imperative need for robust security measures, especially in sectors as vital as warehousing and logistics. As warehouses evolve from manual to automated systems, the security of these solutions cannot be an afterthought. It must be a foundational aspect of any automation implementation.

MODEX 2024: What to See and Do in Atlanta

March has St. Patrick’s Day and Easter (yes, it’s in March this year) as the top celebrations, but in the manufacturing and supply chain world, the biggest celebration in March is MODEX in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center. Close to 45,000 people will attend this all important trade show from March 11th to the 14th to see the latest and greatest innovations from over 900 vendors.

7 Top Reasons to Automate Your Warehouse in 2024

Warehouse managers face immense pressure every day to fulfill ever-growing order volumes with shrinking labor budgets and supply chain disruptions. Of the 200 US-based manufacturing executives Deloitte surveyed for a supply chain report, 80% reported “heavy or very heavy impact on their supply chain by at least one disruption over the last 12–18 months” and 90% of surveyed executives reported “the frequency of these disruptions has increased over the last decade.”