April 4, 2023

Concordance Healthcare Solutions Selects Locus Robotics AMRs To Deliver High Volume Order Fulfillment For The Healthcare Industry

Robotics automation to deliver robust, scalable solution for high-volume healthcare fulfilment centers

Concordance Healthcare Solutions LLC, one of the largest, independent healthcare distributors in the U.S., and Locus Robotics, the leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, announces that Concordance has chosen Locus as its primary AMR technology to support high-volume order fulfillment for the healthcare industry.

“Our partnership with Locus Robotics will help bring even greater efficiencies to our warehouses, help control costs and enhance the productivity of our employees,” said Keith Price, Concordance CIO. “Locus’s flexibility, seamless scalability and fast ROI will enhance our ability to scale to serve the rapidly growing needs of our customers and the patient healthcare facilities they support.”

The Locus solution is integrated with Concordance’s warehouse distribution network, providing a scalable and flexible solution to optimize productivity in the order fulfillment process to significantly increase throughput and lower order cycle times. LocusBots significantly reduce unproductive walking time, eliminate maneuvering heavy manual carts through warehouses and lower the overall physical demands on employees, while improving ergonomics and overall workplace quality.

“Locus’s innovative multi-bot approach, dynamic flexibility, scalability and fast ROI will help Concordance to consistently exceed their customers’ expectations,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Our LocusBots are designed to improve all aspects of a warehouse picking, sorting and returns while seamlessly meeting the increased demand of medical supplies and other healthcare needs.”

Following initial deployment at the Tiffin, Ohio warehouse, Concordance is now in the process of rolling out the Locus solution to 10 additional sites within the USA.

About Locus Robotics 
Locus Robotics is the world leader in revolutionary, enterprise-level, warehouse automation solution, incorporating powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve product movement and productivity 2–3x. Named to the Inc. 500 two years in a row, and winning over 17 industry and technology awards, the Locus solution dramatically increases order fulfillment productivity, lowers operational costs, and improves workplace quality, safety, and ergonomics for workers.

With over 100+ of the world’s top brands and deployed at 250+ sites around the world, Locus Robotics enables retailers, 3PLs and specialty warehouses to efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of today’s fulfillment environments. For more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

About Concordance Healthcare Solutions
Concordance Healthcare Solutions, an independent healthcare distributor, headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, is built on over 175 years of combined industry experience through the merger of three of the nation’s premier healthcare distributors. Concordance spans the U.S. market with nineteen distribution centers licensed in forty-eight states. Concordance delivers dynamic, dependable service to the entire care continuum including acute care, community health, government, home care, hospice, laboratory, long term care, primary care and surgery centers. Concordance has experts dedicated to emergency preparedness, 3PL and reverse logistics, in addition to offering comprehensive support for equipment, remodeling and construction project needs. To learn more, please visit www.concordancehealthcare.com.