Healthcare Robotics: Timely Fulfillment & Business Continuity

In the beginning of 2020, supply chain for Healthcare and Med Device organizations experienced a tremendous strain from drastic demand fluctuations, leading to an unforeseen disruption in the workforce. As elective surgeries started to resume by Mid 2020, companies struggled with business continuity because the labor market couldn’t keep up. With yet another wave being anticipated by analysts, how do organizations ensure that their supply chain ecosystem is robust enough to handle the changes?


Autonomous robots in healthcare have been assisting in warehouse operations to ensure business continuity, mitigate labor-related challenges, plan for future growth, and ensure on-time shipping. When used in healthcare autonomous mobile robots ensure perfect accuracy, so the right products get to the right patients on-time. Real-time data identifies when volumes are rising so the solution can be modified to meet changes in demand. This flexibility in the automation solution allows to easily scale up to meet an increase in demand.

Robot-Assisted Healthcare Fulfillment Operations:

  • Healthcare
  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Medical Devices
  • GPO/Hospital Supply Chain Systems
  • Pharmaceuticals

Benefits of Robots in Healthcare Fulfillment


Double and triple order fulfillment volumes without increasing labor or space


Increase the amount of work each associate is physically able to do


Complete work and track metrics and report insights that grow the operation

Autonomous mobile robots in healthcare are flexible, scalable and adapt to future demand

Traceability and Serialization

Maintains product traceability and captures serialization requirements

Medical Devices

Top medical device companies distribution centers use Locus AMRs to ensure 100% accuracy in highly dynamic environments

Medical/Surgical & Pharma DCs

Meets requirements for special facilities and handling

Brownfield & Greenfield sites

Build your productivity around a record-breaking solution or improve current operations with no capital requirements or changes to infrastructure

Healthcare Robots boost productivity with rapid deployment no infrastructure changes required


Bots can be easily moved and tested across multiple sites to meet new demand


Bots easily and autonomously switch between all types of picking approaches including batch and discrete order picking


Bots can be outfitted and interchanged with any range of totes, containers, shipping boxes, and even coolers


No infrastructure changes are necessary to install this solution. It can also be easily adapted and reconfigured as your processes change

Generate your highest revenues with full-service automation


Deliver the right products to the right customers in the right condition

Wide range of container sizes and types are chosen based on each order (soft, small, hazards, oversized, etc.)

Integrated task interleaving for seamless shelf replenishment and restock

Onboard scanner ensures a highly accurate process, reducing returns and exchanges

Safe in human-centric environments

Highly intuitive interface drastically reduces training time for new associates

Reduces reverse logistics costs

Customer support

Partner with a provider that has your back

365/24/7 customer support and robot support center

Manages shipment of bots during scale ups or downs to meet volume changes

Integrated with all the world’s leading WMS and OMS systems

Provides training materials and support


Use real-time data to anticipate the unexpected

Live real-time reporting dashboards provide key insights to optimize your operations

Access data and reports from any device (including smartphones and tablets)

Generate accurate forecasts to prepare for peak or downtime

Review productivity rates by aisles, zones, robots, and associates

Find opportunities to maximize your space or resources for greater productivity

Include more detailed insights in annual reports

Prioritize workers and strengthen your KPIs/SLAs

Keep up with fluctuating demand

With RaaS, operations have the flexibility to add bots when demand increases and send bots back when demand decreases.

Comply with health safety guidelines

We’ve been social-distancing by design long before it was necessary, simply because it’s more productive. When associates are working close together or cross paths as they work, they’re not as effective as they can be.

Obtain that ROI in record time

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