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Case Study

Concordance innovates healthcare fulfillment with automation

Case Study about GEODIS, which sought to enhance e-commerce fulfillment productivity for a major women's apparel brand during peak seasons despite labor shortages, achieving a 2X productivity improvement with the deployment of 28 LocusBots in their facility.

Case Study

UPS Healthcare improves picking time with LocusBots

Case study showing how UPS Healthcare in Louisville, KY, improved employee safety and order accuracy by implementing Locus Robotics' autonomous mobile robots in their diverse healthcare facility, resulting in a 54% increase in lines picked.

Case Study

ABB Optical Improves UPH to over 250+ with LocusBots

Case study on how ABB Optical Group, a leading eye care industry provider, improved warehouse efficiency and employee satisfaction by implementing Locus Robotics' autonomous mobile robots, resulting in a 98% order accuracy rate.

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Case Study

Retailer Unipharma Expedites Their Healthcare Orders with Locus

Case study on how UniPharma, a Dutch organization providing pharmaceutical and health products to independent drugstores, pharmacies, and supermarkets improvers their orders with Locus.

Case Study

Cardinal Health Doubles Warehouse Effectiveness with Locus

Case study on how Cardinal Health improved order fulfillment efficiency and safety in its healthcare supply chain by implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Locus Robotics, doubling the effectiveness of its warehouse operations.


Transforming Healthcare with a Digital Supply Chain

Webinar on healthcare industry leaders discussing the implementation of AMRs and warehouse automation to modernize logistics and supply chain processes while ensuring data integrity, adapting to new healthcare developments, and modernizing logistics and inventory management processes.

Case Study

Saddle Creek Logistics Services Leveraging Locus for Growth

Saddle Creek Logistics Services implemented Locus Robotics' solution to handle a surge in e-commerce medical apparel and supplies orders, doubling productivity and preparing for rapid growth, with robots significantly reducing congestion and allowing for easy scalability to meet increased demand.


How Automation is Key to Increased Efficiency for Healthcare Fulfilment

Webinar on healthcare distributors needing to strengthen and scale their operations to ensure reliable delivery in the volatile market, maintaining fulfillment quality, accuracy, and productivity cost-effectively.

Case Study

DHL Life Sciences - 3PL

DHL Supply Chain collaborated with Locus Robotics to boost fulfillment productivity in their Tennessee life sciences facility by deploying 56 LocusBots -- achieving a 200% increase in worker productivity, a 50% reduction in cycle time, and processing over 20,000 units per day using Locus's multi-bot "swarming" technique.

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