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Fleet View & Reporting

Monitor warehouse operations in real time

Fully integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS), LocusView lets you easily monitor a wide range of warehouse metrics and KPIs such as Units per Hour, Picks per Hour, LocusBot productivity, worker productivity, and more. With dashboards, you’ll get near real-time insight into what’s happening in your warehouse so you can keep your operation humming

Drill down for a detailed view into your warehouse operations

  • Robot Map shows the current robot locations and status
  • Pick Map displays the current robot, associate, and pick locations
  • Open Work Heat Map lets you see how “hot” each location is related to open picks
  • Associate & Bot Rates show current rates for robots & associates, including historical rates
  • Robot Charging Info displays the robots that are charging and robot charging levels

Operational Performance

Supervisors can see a “mission-control” view of what’s happening on the floor and what’s coming up next, enabling efficient resource allocation and better forecasting

Drive Associate Engagement

On-floor displays provide real-time labor direction and productivity metrics

Share Reports

Download and share data insights with management.

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