IDC named Locus robotics an industry leader in autonomous mobile robots for order fulfillment based on our unique, multi-bot approach, fast deployment capability, seamless scalability, and ease of integration with all types of WMS systems, including formal partnerships with three major supply chain management application providers: HighJump,  JDA, and Manhattan.

The report, titled “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Autonomous Mobile Robots for Order Fulfillment 2019 Vendor Assessment” is the industry’s first report that comprehensively details and ranks the capabilities and strengths of the industry vendors. In this groundbreaking report,

The IDC MarketScape noted Locus’s extensive background expertise in warehouse management and eCommerce fulfillment, along with the system’s exceptional, seamless scalability to meet seasonal volume spikes and the Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) model make it easy for our customers to scale up and down during peak seasons.

The Locus multi-bot system has been deployed to over 30 sites around the globe, generating millions of picks per day and helping fulfillment warehouse operations meet the growing ecommerce volume and significant labor challenges.