The industry’s most versatile and flexible AMR

Versatility is what makes the Locus the leader in warehouse robotics. The Locus solution works with virtually any type of tote, box, bin, or container needed. You can easily use multiple tote-types at the same time to meet a wide range of products or order profiles.

Get maximum versatility and optimal productivity

Whether you pick to standard bins, tote arrays, custom designs, or even directly into outbound containers, if you can pick it, the LocusBot can handle it. And, Locus gives you the flexibility to configure your LocusBot to work the way you work.

We’ve made it easy to consistently increase your UPH and LPH rates, fulfill more orders, and scale on demand, compared to traditional cart or motorized cart systems.

Our industry-exclusive integrated power port gives you even more flexibility to integrate special peripherals and accessories. to expand functionality and usability.

Use virtually any type standard tote or multi-order tote array to meet a wide range of products or order profiles.

Perfect for wholesale fulfillment, LocusBots are versatile, allowing you to use a wide range of stackable and collapsible bins that maximize your picking volumes and save storage space.

Pick multiple orders directly into outbound containers to minimize touch points and streamline downstream packing and shipping operations.

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Ideal for retail store replenishment and large volumes. Pick directly to the outbound containers, saving critical final packing and shipping time.

Bulk-pick using larger totes to maximize pick volumes and dramatically increase UPH and LPH rates. Ideal for singles-picking for later order sorting.

Larger and wider bin and tray configurations are ideal for odd-shaped or oversize items.

Locus’s industry-exclusive integrated power port lets you integrate special peripherals and accessories such as label printers, barcode scanners, RFID sensors, environmental sensors, and more to expand functionality and usability.

Easily add peripherals and accessories to LocusBots

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