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June 19, 2020

Being prepared today : Helping medical suppliers succeed in a post-pandemic world

Author Icon Kary Zate, Senior Director of Marketing Communications

By Jett Chitanand | Director, Locus Healthcare & Medical Device Segments

Medical Device Manufacturers and Medical Supplies Distributors who plan now to implement AMR automation will be ideally prepared for the coming surge of post-pandemic elective surgeries.

Locus promotes social distancingCOVID-19 has dramatically shifted priorities and focus for several med device and supply companies. Initially, many companies shifted their efforts toward production of key COVID - related supplies necessary to keep up with hospitalizations. With most hospitals and clinics having suspended or cancelled elective procedures to focus on critical cases, other companies have been waiting on the sidelines for things to resume once the pandemic has ebbed.

As states begin to reopen, hospitals are beginning to resume scheduling elective surgeries and procedures. For those idle companies whose revenues have been significantly impacted during this time frame, this is a relief, but meeting the sudden demand brings new challenges.

The pandemic has forced companies to think long term and to objectively assess their business holistically. As they ramp back up to meet the coming spike in demand, companies are still faced with the same labor productivity pressures – along with a new one: meeting critical health safety concerns and social distancing requirements. These companies not only have to focus on the increased production and shipping of medical devices and supplies, but also be prepared in case there is a second wave of coronavirus across the nation. If this occurs, it will put an enormous stress on supply chain and distribution executives.

In these times of uncertainty, integrating a robust, reliable, and cost-effective robotic automation solution into your operation is the smart way to be prepared. Automation helps minimize labor issues while increasing productivity, the two keys meeting critical volume and SLA objectives and being positioned for future growth.

Today’s AMRs like Locus’s innovative LocusBots can be deployed quickly and scaled easily, without the need to install permanent or expensive equipment or reconfigure the warehouse. Locus consistently doubles worker productivity while also helping meet today’s new health safety and social distancing requirements. Most importantly, Locus’s seamless flexibility adds an element of predictability by helping smooth out volume spikes and minimizing labor recruitment and retention costs all through the addition of warehouse robots.

Many organizations have already taken steps to prepare for the coming volume look seriously at warehouse automation. The time is now to ensure that you’re ready for the new normal!

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