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Significantly improve worker throughput and morale

LocusEmpower transforms every worker into a super worker. Into your best worker. LocusBots let them spend more time on task and less time walking through your warehouse.

Hands-free picking, more efficient workflow

LocusBots travel to where the pick is, carrying the order through the warehouse, and to the packing station. They save worker time and effort, dramatically improving overall throughput and efficiency.


Improved metrics that help reach your goals

LocusBot’s integrated scanner lets workers deliver higher pick rates with near-perfect accuracy, even with multi-pick configurations. LocusBots let you cost-effectively reach your Units Per Hour (UPH), Cost Per Unit (CPU), and Service Level Agreements (SLA) goals faster than traditional, manual picking methods.

Your workers will be less fatigued, more effective throughout their shift, free to do what they do best. And when your workers are happy, everyone is happy.