Seamlessly scale for growth and peak season demands

Easily expand for growth and quickly respond to peak demands efficiently and cost-effectively. Just add more robots.

Effortlessly scale whenever you need it

Locus lets you quickly and seamlessly add new capacity as your needs grow or when you have seasonal volume spikes. There’s no special configuration, complex coding, or complicated setup required – Simply add more bots.

Adding new bots is easy. Just unbox, power up, and go. LocusServer instantly communicates to each new LocusBot, sharing the complete warehouse inventory status, SKUs, item locations, and efficient travel routes, while helping workers maximize their throughput and efficiency.

Minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure

LocusEmpower uses your existing infrastructure and workflows, minimizing disruption and eliminating downtime. It’s is infinitely scalable and flexible to let you efficiently manage staffing for growth, seasonal volume, and deliver your customer orders quickly and cost-effectively.