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3PL Case Study

Geodis Improves Productivity by 2x with Locus

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Locus’s functionality and software is superior to their competitors. Their LIDAR technology allows these robots to work better than advertised in terms of avoiding people, other robots, pick carts, and other obstructions that may come into play in a warehouse.

Mike Nowell, General Manager

DHL Supply Chain NA

Overview & Challenge

GEODIS, a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, was looking for a way to dramatically improve their fast-growing ecommerce fulfillment productivity for a major women’s apparel brand. They needed to efficiently manage peak season volume increases, despite a tight labor market.

Initially deploying 28 LocusBots into the 139,000 square foot facility handling nearly 30,000 SKUs, GEODIS saw an immediate 2X productivity improvement.

Based on this success, GEODIS has now deployed the Locus solution at multiple large customer sites with further expansion planned for the coming months.

Sr. Vice President of Engineering Kevin Stock said, “Locus said that we’d hit 2X in productivity measurements and we are seeing that. They’re delivering on what they said.”

Locus Multi-Bot Solution at GEODIS


Deployed LocusBots


Weeks for Implementation


Container configurations

Rich Analytics + Actionable Reporting Dashboard


GEODIS uses LocusBots for 2X productivity, reduced training time, and to seamlessly scale to meet peak season volume with existing staff

With Locus, GEODIS was able to double the volume of orders processed – using their existing work staff of material handlers. Plus, Locus’s easy flexibility allowed them to seamlessly scale to meet sudden order spikes and seasonal volume increases without
major labor issues.

Locus was fully deployed within the 139,000 square foot facility in less than 90 days and seamlessly integrated with their WMS system to provide realtime actionable operations and performance data.

Locus’s intuitive UI cut GEODIS worker training time in half, allowing new and seasonal workers to be productive immediately. LocusBots automatically display pick information in a GEODIS worker’s preferred language onscreen (English, Burmese, Chin, Spanish, etc.), further minimizing order errors.

LocusNet gives GEODIS managers detailed, realtime management visibility and operational insight, allowing them to effectively manage productivity and address business challenges.


Productivity Increase


Reduced Training Time

Fast Implementation

Real-Time Reporting

“We were looking for a solution that, as we grew, allowed our operators to be more productive and so we were able to scale easier, especially at peak times of the year, especially with our e-commerce accounts.”
Alan McDonald
Sr. Director, Continuous Improvement, Geodis
“Some of the intangible benefits we’re seeing is increased order accuracy, increased employee satisfaction. Because attractingand retaining our key employees is very important to GEODIS and our customers. ”
Eric Douglas
EVP, Technology & Engineering, Geodis

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