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Locus Robotics Picks Record-Breaking 70M Units During 2020 Holiday Shopping Period

December 16, 2020

Locus averaged over 1.2M Units Picked per Day for its Global Retail and 3PL Customers Day During 2020 Cyber Week

Locus picks over 70M during Cyber Week 2020Locus Robotics released its annual CyberWeek e-commerce fulfillment productivity report, announcing more than 70 million units picked on behalf of its global retail and third-party logistics customers, a 250% increase over last year. This increase reflects the explosion of e-commerce, accelerated by the pandemic, the shift to warehouse fulfillment automation to offset labor shortages, and Locus's ability to deliver high fulfillment productivity and a fast ROI.
"Robotics and automation are experiencing sharp growth, driven by increased e-commerce and online ordering, and accelerated by COVID-19. Locus addresses our customers' greatest pain points: the increased need for available labor, fulfillment cost efficiency, and the flexibility to quickly scale for seasonal volume spikes." said Rick Faulk, Chief Executive Officer of Locus Robotics.

The Locus solution reached the 300 million pick milestone, picking over 200 million units in 2020 alone. Locus's comprehensive solution featuring patented, proprietary software, intuitive user interface, and rich management reporting dramatically improves the efficiency of both outbound ('picking') fulfillment andinbound ('putaway/replenishment'), quickly and easily deploying into both greenfield and brownfield warehouses. Acting as a coordinated fleet, the robots autonomously navigate a warehouse, dynamically adjusting their paths and collaborating with workers. Locus's proprietary algorithms dynamically allocate picker workload to optimize productivity and minimize unproductive walking.

A record $270 billion online global sales took place from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday this year, according to and Adobe Analytics Data. US Black Friday sales reached $9 billion, up 21.6%, and US Cyber Monday Sales hit $10.8 billion, up 15.1% -- the largest online shopping day in US history.

Locus robots are easily configured to carry a wide variety of products. Patented technology automatically recognizes workers, changing the robot's large screen display to show information in the worker's preferred language. This facilitates greater productivity and reduced error rates. Locus's innovative 'Gamification' feature displays individual performance statistics to help motivate workers to meet shift or departmental goals. The Locus solution includes rich, real-time analytics, dashboards, and reporting to customers to assist managers in maximizing productivity and support continuous improvement in their operations.

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