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Locus picks record-breaking 120M units during 2021 Holiday Shopping period

January 24, 2022

Locus picks over 120M during Cyber Week 2021

Leader in Warehouse Automation Delivered 71% increase and Doubled Average Daily Units Picked vs 2020 as Peak Season Shopping Season Begins Earlier

Peak Season 2021 proved that shoppers are embracing online shopping more than ever before. In response, retailers started the season earlier to try to flatten the traditional seasonal volume spike, amid significant supply chain delays, labor shortages, and potential product outages. Locus Robotics annual Peak Season and CyberWeek e-commerce fulfillment productivity report announced that Locus customers global retail and third-party logistics customers picked more than 120 million units representing a 71% increase over last year.

Top Locus Robotics 2021 Peak insights:

The holiday shopping period starts earlier:

CyberWeek may have shown a moderate increase in 2021 vs. previous years, however, much is due to retailers starting sales as early as late September and consumers spreading out their shopping for much of the period.

Consumers are more comfortable ordering online:

Online ordering is here to stay – convenience and comfort with using it are growing across not just retail, but all business channels.

Mobile is becoming the shopping tool of choice:

More than 40% of all Cyber Week orders were via mobile apps.

The labor shortage is still a concern:

Recruiting and retaining workers is still a major concern in brick-and-mortar retail, warehouse, transportation, etc. Robotic warehouse automation has become a necessity to meet the exploding volume of orders.

Download our 2021 Peak Season infographic and learn more about how the Locus Solution is helping retailers, 3PLs, and many more companies meet the demand, now and in the future.

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