Management Portal

Real-time KPI Dashboards and Actionable Business Intelligence

Get powerful, insightful, and actionable information about your entire operation with Locus’s fully integrated reporting tools.

The Locus Management Portal helps you efficiently manage day-to-day operations, in real-time through data-rich reports and graphics that show you the complete details of your operation, in real-time.

Locus’s Management Portal and Dashboards give you a full, 360° view of every aspect of your operations.  Using rich, interactive reports and maps, you’ll see hourly, daily, and monthly performance metrics, individual worker performance, inventory flow, slotting optimization, workflows, and more.

Data-rich reporting of all of your key metrics

Drill down for insightful management and planning data using a wide range of data-rich reports and key metric dashboards that give you a detailed view into your operations:

  • Daily view of volume, including hourly pick data
  • Monthly view displays daily and monthly volume data
  • Daily Performance indicates associate daily performance data
  • Robot Map shows the current robot locations and status
  • Pick Map displays the current robot, associate, and pick locations
  • Open Work Heat Map lets you see how “hot” each location is related to open picks
  • Associate & Bot Rates show current rates for robots & associates, including historical rates
  • Robot Charging Info displays the robots that are charging and robot charging levels
Locus Management Portal

Multi-language display speeds picking and shortens training time

LocusBot’s user-friendly interface guides workers through the entire pick process, instantly recognizing each worker’s preferred language, shortening training time and helping to minimize the opportunity for pick errors.

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