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Multi-Language Display

Integrated multi-language display speeds picking and improves accuracy

Locus’s integrated, multi-language display helps workers pick faster and more accurately by automatically switching the onscreen languages to the worker’s preferred language.

There’s no wasted time with manual log-ins or badge scanning – the LocusBots do it instantly.

Automatic language switching

As a worker approaches a bot, the large, easy-to-read display switches to show the pick information in the worker’s preferred language. Each worker’s bluetooth badge can be easily configured to use a wide range of languages, seamlessly switching as each different worker interacts with the bot, increasing the workers comfort level and helping increase the worker’s picking accuracy.

Shorter training time, increased accuracy, and faster pick speed

This industry-exclusive feature dramatically shortens worker training time and increases accuracy. New and seasonal workers can quickly become productive as experienced workers without the need for lengthy on-boarding and detailed technical training.

Motivate workers for improved productivity

Motivate workers for improved productivity

Engage your workers through fun and relevant ways to improve productivity. Locus Gamification aligns your business goals by setting personalized worker goals, while adding fun challenges and friendly competition to the workday.

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