Improve productivity through employee engagement gamification

Improving warehouse productivity is more than turning work into a game. It’s about engaging and motivating worker performance with fun and relevant ways every day.

Locus Gamification makes it easy to align your business goals together with personalized worker goals, while adding fun challenges and friendly competition to the workplace. Locus Gamification shows your workers the results of their daily efforts using easy-to-understand performance feedback, in real-time, helping them stay motivated and on task. Fully integrated into the LocusBot user interface, the easy-to-read displays let workers see their specific performance levels, while helping to improve the overall workplace environment.

Motivate your workers and exceed your productivity goals

Positive motivation

Gamification gives employees a clear understanding of their goals as they work, using the on-screen display. They’re able to see the results of their work in real-time helping to encourage higher levels of productivity, teamwork, and overall involvement.

High employee engagement

Employees are more in control of their workday and work flows, earning valuable rewards and recognition for their efforts by meeting individual goals and team challenges.

Easy to understand UI with clear cues to action

Gamification delivers easy-to-understand details about worker status and progress – onscreen, making it easier to stay focused on completing tasks and their progress toward meeting productivity targets.

Fun and friendly competition

Easily create both individual, team, and shift goals, events, and even impromptu challenges to inspire, encourage, and engage workers for top performance.

Locus Gamification improves worker engagement

Benefits of using Gamification

Real-time worker metrics and feedback

Locus’s innovative and colorful  user interface allows workers to see their performance throughout the day. Workers get visual cues that let them track their personal and team productivity in real-time against their goals.

Insightful performance metrics and insight

Locus’s Management Dashboards and Gamification Leader Boards give insightful, real-time management metrics and insight letting managers and team leaders effectively monitor and coach worker performance. The objective team and individual data helps organizations stay focused on meeting their daily, monthly, and annual company performance metrics.

Improved workplace environment

Gamification improves the workplace through positive and objective performance feedback, helping workers and team leaders feel more connected to their daily work goals, while encouraging positive reinforcement, coaching, and sharing of best practices.

True task-interleaving maximizes productivity and efficiency

Locus Putaway function maximizes worker productivity by letting them simultaneously pick orders, manage returns, and replenish the pick space using the same robotic technology.

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