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Directed Picking

Optimizing the worker to gain higher productivity and speed

Llocus Directed Picking keeps workers on task and eliminates wasted walking time.

Locus’s innovative Directed Picking technology optimizes worker productivity by actively directing workers to their next pick location. Directed Picking removes unproductive roaming or patrolling of aisles.

Workers are visually guided to their next closest pick opportunity, reducing lost time for repetitive, workflow decision-making and eliminating unproductive walk time.

Workers set their own picking pace for higher pick rates

Directed Picking lets workers pick at their own pace, eliminating the limitations of slower-paced motorized robotic cart systems or pushing heavy manual carts. Workers walk less, are able to stay on task, and generate significantly higher UPH and LPH rates.

Order picking that’s intuitive, natural, and simple

The LocusBot clear user interface makes picking easier and faster. The easy-to-read, intuitive graphics and task prompts guide workers through the entire pick process.  By actively directing them to the precise location of their next pick, workers spend more time picking and less time walking.

Integrated, multi-language display

LocusBot improves picking accuracy even more by automatically switching the on-screen language to match each worker’s preference. There’s significantly less training needed for new, temporary, and seasonal workers, letting everyone be productive almost immediately.


Powerful management insights and data-rich reporting

Powerful management insights and data-rich reporting

Integrated seamlessly with your WMS system, Locus gives you insightful, real-time reporting and metrics to keep you on top of your operation’s performance.

Track UPH, PPH, robot productivity, worker productivity, and more, with detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

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