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June 06, 2024

Why Warehouse Experience Matters in an Automation Vendor

Author Icon Mary Hart, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Two people speaking in a warehouse

From managing inventory and fulfilling orders to allocating labor and utilizing space, the complexities of warehouse operations can seem endless. When you’re looking for a solution to handle your warehouse challenges, it’s sometimes tough to figure out which is the right one for your company.

How can you make the decision? Look for a vendor that has actual warehouse experience and created a product to solve warehouse challenges instead of one that just created a product and found a use case for it. Vendors that have actually been in the thick of warehouse operations know how to design, implement, and support solutions that truly meet the needs of warehouse operators and are practical and intuitive for everyday use.

Tailored Solutions vs. One-Size-Fits-All

Some warehouse automation vendors might offer flashy, off-the-shelf solutions, but these often fall short in the real world of warehousing and fulfillment centers. These systems might look good on paper, but they usually lack the flexibility and scalability needed for warehouse environments. On the other hand, vendors with real warehouse experience know that no two warehouses are alike. They understand the nuances of various industries, challenges, and workflows, allowing them to better customize their solutions to fit each client’s specific needs perfectly.

Real-World Problem Solving

Having hands-on experience means having a toolkit full of real-world problem-solving skills. Seasonal peaks, fluctuating order volumes, and labor shortages require quick, adaptive solutions. Warehouse automation vendors who have been through these challenges themselves can foresee issues and develop strategies to tackle them head-on. This proactive approach ensures their systems are robust, resilient, and ready to perform at their best under any condition.

Employee Collaboration

One of the greatest benefits of warehouse automation is its ability to support — not replace — human associates. For this partnership to be effective, the automated systems need to be designed with humans in mind. Vendors with hands-on warehouse experience know the importance of ergonomic design, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless human-robot collaboration and create solutions that enhance and upskill associates' roles, reduce physical strain, and boost job satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

The warehouse industry is always evolving, driven by new technologies and changing market demands. Vendors with deep roots in warehouse operations are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Their strong knowledge of the field fuels ongoing research and development, leading to cutting-edge solutions that keep pace with industry changes. These vendors don’t just follow trends; they shape the future of warehouse automation.

The Importance of Warehouse Experience

At Locus Robotics, we understand the value of warehouse experience in creating top-notch automation solutions. Our journey started right in the heart of warehouse operations, facing the same challenges our customers do today. This firsthand experience was key in developing our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and comprehensive automation solutions.

Before Locus Robotics was born, our team spent decades working in traditional warehouse environments. We experienced the pain points of inefficient workflows, labor-intensive processes, and the constant pressure to boost productivity and accuracy. These struggles fueled our determination to develop a game-changing solution for warehouse operations.

Armed with deep insights into warehouse dynamics, we created LocusBots that were designed to work collaboratively with human associates. Our AMRs aren’t just machines; they’re the result of years of experience, thorough research, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Every feature of our AMRs reflects our practical warehouse experience. From the intuitive user interface to the adaptive navigation system, our robots integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. We know flexibility and scalability are key, so our solutions are built to grow with your business and adapt to changing demands.

Our warehouse experience shines through in the results our customers achieve. LocusBots consistently boost productivity, cut operational costs, and improve accuracy. Our clients enjoy faster order fulfillment, improved cycle times, and better use of warehouse space. These tangible benefits highlight the value of working with a vendor who truly understands warehouse operations.

In the world of warehouse automation, experience is everything. Vendors with genuine, hands-on knowledge bring invaluable insights, practical solutions, and a dedication to continuous improvement. At Locus Robotics, our deep warehouse roots are the foundation of our success. They enable us to develop AMRs and automation solutions that tackle the real-world challenges warehouse operators face.

Our journey from traditional warehouse operations to pioneering automation has been driven by one vision: revolutionizing warehouse operations. By choosing Locus Robotics, you’re not just investing in cutting-edge technology; you’re partnering with a team that’s been in your shoes and is committed to delivering solutions that truly make a difference. Experience the Locus difference and see how our expertise can transform your operations for the better.

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