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December 19, 2022

Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Future of Robotics? A Checklist

Author Icon Mary Hart, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Quick, accurate, and cost-effective order fulfilment in the warehouse is essential for successful e-commerce. Manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers need to expand their current fulfilment operations to remain competitive. So how can businesses improve their existing activities to operate faster while still being flexible and effective?

Warehouse Checklist coverHow warehouse robots help

It is crucial that business leaders understand how robotics can contribute to a warehouse’s speed, cost, accuracy, and the customer experience by ensuring orders arrive on time. By adding collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to existing warehouse operations, they can achieve results that include:

  • Improving the delivery and cycle time of orders by 40-50%
  • Boosting accuracy and productivity by up to 100%

By reducing the need for warehouse associates to perform ergonomically demanding work, warehouse robotics lead to significantly lower absenteeism and staff turnover levels. Warehouse associates in traditional warehouses often walk between 12 and 14 miles a day, resulting in fatigue and muscle aches/injuries. In a facility with AMRs, however, the mobile robots do most of the walking while the associates stay in one section.

Locus Robotics and Supply Chain Media have created this practical checklist (click on the image at right to download) to determine whether your warehouse operation is ready for the future. Answer these 10 questions to assess the extent to which you need to add AMRs to your warehouse.