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July 19, 2023

Staying Cool with Locus Robotics: Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency and Comfort in Summer Heat

Author Icon Kary Zate, Senior Director of Marketing Communications

By Kary Zate, Sr. Director Marketing Communications

As the summer heat intensifies, warehouse environments often become challenging workplaces. High temperatures combined with physical labor can lead to worker discomfort, even health risks. But thanks to technological advancements, solutions are emerging that not only increase efficiency but also significantly enhance worker comfort. Enter Locus Robotics' autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). 

LocusBots, purpose-designed for efficient warehouse fulfillment automation, are transforming the industry, bringing numerous health and safety benefits for the worker, including reducing physical exertion, walking, carrying, and lifting. This not only leads to more efficient processes, but also contributes significantly to helping workers stay cooler during the sizzling summer months.  

Less Walking 

Every step generates body heat, and for warehouse employees, the countless trips to and from inventory racks add up to miles walked daily. Locus Robotics' AMRs minimize the need for this constant back-and-forth, with intelligent, AI-driven machines programmed to autonomously navigate through warehouse aisles, assist in picking customer orders, and transporting them to the packing stations. As a result, workers stay closer to the work, effectively reducing unnecessary movement and the heat generated from constant walking. 

No Carrying or Lifting 

Physical labor, particularly heavy lifting and carrying, can quickly raise the body's core temperature, leading to potential heat-related issues, especially in the peak of summer. Locus Robotics' AMRs are designed to take over these labor-intensive tasks, carrying heavy loads of customer orders, helping to reduce the strain and heat-stress on workers. Employees are better able to maintain lower body temperatures and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion. 

Minimizing Physical Exertion 

Warehouse work often involves substantial physical exertion and this can be exacerbated in high-temperature conditions. Deploying Locus Robotics' AMRs substantially decreases the amount of physical labor required, allowing workers to focus on less strenuous tasks, effectively minimizing the physical exertion that can lead to overheating and lowered productivity. 

AI and Data Science-Driven Workflow

LocusONE, the industry’s first data science-driven automation platform, uses artificial intelligence to enable efficient task allocation, groups and sends work to where the workers are in the warehouse, allowing workers to efficiently pick orders in a sequence that minimizes unnecessary movement and exertion. This thoughtful planning reduces the workers' workload and contributes to a cooler and more comfortable working environment. 

Stay Cool

Locus Robotics is driving innovation in the warehouse, showing how AMRs can do more than optimize operational efficiency. By reducing the physical demands on warehouse workers, these robots also contribute to improved working conditions, lower worker call-outs, higher worker satisfaction and retention, especially critical during the hot summer months. Locus’s intelligent use of technology is transforming warehouses, making them more productive, efficient, and worker-friendly, no matter the season. 

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Kary brings more than 25 years of B2B and B2C product, software, and technology marketing, public relations, and communications expertise to drive the strategy and execution of Locus’s communications. He has developed successful and engaging integrated marketing programs for startup companies as well as global Fortune 500 companies, reaching enterprise customers, industry partners, analysts, and investors. Kary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Arts and Sciences from Michigan State University.

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