Drive Productivity and Flexibility with Intelligent, Robotic-assisted Fulfillment


Reuters Media

Today’s 3PLs are utilizing automation and robotics during the fulfillment & put-away processes to unlock productivity, efficiency, and scalability as the world takes a dramatic shift towards online shopping in light of the pandemic.

In this informative on-demand webinar, 3PL industry leaders share how they’ve implemented AMRs and warehouse automation to improve:

  • Flexibility: Leverage automated systems to mitigate impacts from turbulent patterns of supply and demand in a cost effective and scalable manner
  • Productivity:  Eliminate unproductive walking and maximize worker output by deploying technology and picking strategies that optimize picking rates in existing warehouses and greenfield buildings
  • Sustainability: Digitize your returns and reverse logistics to ensure that waste is reduced, assets re-enter the supply chain and your sustainability goals are achieved

Expert Panelists:

  • Phil Archambault, Director – 3PL Segment, Locus Robotics
  • Paul Kniepstra, VP, Global Warehousing and Distribution, Herbalife
  • Melissa O’Keefe, Group Director, Product & Innovation e-Commerce, Ryder
  • Roman Sobieri, Head of Shipping, Etsy
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