We know warehouses and we really know e-commerce

We have a long history in the warehouse business. It’s where we got our in-depth understanding of what it takes to deliver world-class e-commerce fulfillment. It’s also where we learned, first-hand, how robotics makes it all work.

We understand your challenges

Today’s e-commerce fulfillment is centered around delivering a first-class customer experience. The challenge is how to efficiently deliver greater productivity with lower labor and facility costs, while managing growth, seasonal peaks, and volume spikes.

If you’re like us, you’ve realized that traditional ways of solving these challenges has hit a wall. Unemployment is lower, wages and health-care costs are increasing, and worker turnover is at an all-time high.

Simply adding more people isn’t always the best
– or easiest – option.

Our award-winning LocusEmpower solution was engineered to help you maximize your staffing challenges. Whether you’re using zone-picking, discrete order picking, batch picking, wave picking, or any combination of fulfillment types, LocusEmpower works the way that you work, making your workers more effective and efficient.

As your needs grow and change, LocusEmpower’s makes it easy to scale and adapt to the evolving demands of today’s e-commerce retailer, helping you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations

Locus RaaS is the smart way to deploy robots in your operation
Locus Replenishment-Putaway Functionality