Productivity that’s 2X-3X Faster

Locus’s intelligent automation increases worker productivity, reduces overtime costs, and seamlessly scales as your business grows

Digital transformation that enhances decision-making, improves operations & reduces costs

Increased worker productivity, reduced operating costs, and scalability

Our innovative and award-winning multi-bot picking solutions mean workers can do more work, easier, faster, and more accurately than ever before – within the same footprint. Locus brings the work to the worker, eliminating unproductive walking time to significantly improve productivity and lower cycle times. Locus also improves the workplace ergonomics and health safety, and also helps with worker recruiting and retention.

Workers no longer have to push heavy carts or walk behind slow-moving, robotic carts that slow down and limit worker productivity. With Locus, you’ll process orders faster with the flexibility to scale as your business grows and your needs change. Labor can be reallocated, creating new opportunities for workers.

More picking, less walking, lower cycle times

Locus eliminates unproductive and wasteful walking time, making work easier – and faster.  Because Locus brings the work to the worker,  they’re focused on what they do best – picking.

Because workers don’t follow slow, motorized carts, they’re not tied to an entire order or limited by cart capacities. They’re able to pick more orders, faster, lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

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Increase worker productivity and lower cycle times with true task interleaving

Locus’s dramatically improves worker productivity 2x to 3x, enabling higher pick rates, lower labor costs, and faster cycle times.

Locus lets workers seamlessly alternate between picking and re-stocking/putaway, helping improve the overall efficiency of your operation with true task interleaving.

Improve productivity

Faster picking, lower costs, and higher worker satisfaction

LocusBots work collaboratively and safely alongside your associates, helping to quickly locate the pick items for improved throughput. Workers spend more time on task and less time walking around the warehouse.

Since LocusBots transport the items, workers don’t have to push carts or carry bins. They become more productive and less fatigued. That translates to lower labor costs and higher employee morale.

Enhance throughput

Easy integration with your WMS system

LocusEmpower integrates with virtually any warehouse management or warehouse control system.

The LocusServer’s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with your existing WMS system, infrastructure, and workflow without disrupting your operation.

Easy integration
warehouse automation

Powerful, flexible, and easily scalable

Locus seamlessly scales as you grow, and lets you easily manage peak periods and volume increases without  major capital expenditures or infrastructure changes.

Whether you’re handling growing e-commerce volume, managing peak periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or responding to a sudden spike in customer orders, Locus scales as your needs grow without adding expensive capital investment. Simply add more LocusBots.

Flexible and scalable

Rapid deployment, zero disruption, rapid ROI.

LocusEmpower deploys easily within your existing warehouse infrastructure, without disrupting, slowing, or idling your operations.

Our proven, adaptable, and highly flexible solution means you can be up and running in days, not months. Most warehouses realize an ROI within 18 – 24 months.

Rapid deployment

We're warehouse fulfillment experts because we've been there.

We started as warehouse operators and we have a long heritage of e-commerce fulfillment operations.

We also have some serious, first-hand experience with robotics and automation. We understand your challenges because we’ve been there. We get it.

Let us tell you more.

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Simple UI enables near-instantaneous worker onboarding. Hands-free operation delivers 2-4X higher productivity vs traditional cart picking. Automatic worker language detection eases training, reduces errors. Integrated scanner ensures fluid pick & drop operation
Bots move independently through facility, minimizing worker walking and removing drudge work. Work collaboratively with humans to empower worker productivity. Workers remain in zones; robots travel and transport. Nimble, autonomous, light weight size allows them to operate even in mezzanine configurations.
Manage operations and reporting from anywhere. Works with iOS and Android.
Cloud-based system updates ensure always-advancing functionality and quality.
Seamless API integration with LocusServer. Transmits orders and receives confirmations from LocusServer.
LocusView provides real-time reporting. Track UPH, PPH, robot productivity, worker productivity Real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, annual reporting.
Integrates with virtually any warehouse management or warehouse control system


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