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Automate material flow in dynamic environments

Locus Transport is the smart way to integrate flexible and scalable point-to-point (P2P) transport functionality into your warehouse operation.

LocusBots can easily move your products and inventory without the cost of expensive and inflexible infrastructure such as fixed conveyors. Free your associates for other value-added tasks, minimizing unproductive and wasteful walking time of up to 12 to 15 miles a day.

Modern Warehouse Transport with Locus

Flexible and configurable

LocusBots are different from traditional cart systems and fixed conveyors. Implement without disrupting existing workflows or shutting down your warehouse.

Eliminate wasted walking time

Locusbots perform the tedious tasks of transporting goods across long distances for picking or putaway or taking items ready for shipping.

Improve worker productivity

Locus Transport frees the worker from having to push heavy carts, improving productivity and freeing workers for more valuable tasks.

Scalable as your needs change

Your number of LocusBots can be quickly and easily scaled up during peak season or other increased volume times.

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