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Warehouse Automation Matters | Episode 03 - The Human Element: Navigating the Next Decade in Warehouse Automation

Kevin Lawton, host of The New Warehouse podcast, discusses the major shifts in the warehouse and supply chain industry, including a shift from the idea of a fully automated warehouse to a focus on collaborative robotics and enabling workers to do more with less.


The Benefits of Automation for Enterprise Warehouses

This eBook will explore case studies of large warehouses that have successfully automated their operations. These real-world examples will illustrate the benefits and practical steps involved in transitioning to an automated warehouse.


Real ROI: Locus Robotics Customers Speak out Across Industries

See how Locus Robotics is driving efficiency, productivity, and cost savings for businesses just like yours.

Case Study

Increase Picking Density with Mezzanines, Pick Towers, and Automation

Implementing vertical storage solutions and robotics can significantly boost warehouse throughput, helping operators manage labor costs, space constraints, and rising demand despite economic uncertainties and limited new warehouse construction.

Case Study

Ulta Beauty automates Greenfield facility with LocusBots

During the holiday season, Ulta Beauty doubled the number of bots they had on site for a month, which provided them the flexibility they needed to get the increased volume of orders out the door quickly.

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Checklist: Do You Need an Automation Solution?

More than 80% of warehouses aren’t automated because they’re still using old, ineffective manual processes. Use this checklist to determine if your warehouse could be more efficient with automation.


Warehouse Automation Matters | Episode 02 - Human-Robot Collaboration in the Warehouse

Anthony Pendola, Senior Manager of Distribution at Fleet Feet, and John Santagate, Senior Vice President of Robotics at Korber Supply Chain Software, talk about the benefits of humans and robots working together in a warehouse setting.



Grab your copy of this comprehensive warehouse automation RFP template. Crafted by robotics and warehouse automation specialists with more than two decades of expertise in warehouse operations — this resource will empower your team to pinpoint the automation system that aligns seamlessly with your warehouse’s operational goals.


Warehouse Automation Matters | Episode 01 - Improving Pick Velocity In Your Warehouse

Thomas Stearman, the Director of Industrial Engineering at UPS, discusses the importance of pick velocity — how fast items can be picked and prepared for shipment. UPS has implemented strategies such as batch picking, warehouse execution systems, and automation technologies to improve pick velocity. These technologies have not only increased efficiency but also improved employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Case Study

Rhenus Improves Mezzanine Productivity with LocusBots

With over 180 locations and four million square meters of storage space, Rhenus Logistics faced a labor challenge in their Hörselgau facility. They implemented Locus Robotics on their mezzanine, which improved training time and increased productivity by over 50%. During peak season, Rhenus scaled up from 135 bots to 162 with the Robots-as-a-Service model. The partnership between Rhenus and Locus has been successful, and they are considering a solution for their level zero with Locus.


P2G or G2P Robotics? The Great Debate in Warehouse Automation

Kait Peterson, senior director of product marketing at Locus Robotics, claims person-to-goods (P2G) robotics outperforms goods-to-person (G2P) systems in warehouses. P2G involves workers collecting items for robots, offering flexibility and scalability for any facility size without major infrastructure changes, making it ideal for seamless automation.


On-Demand Webinar: Automatisierung für Mezzanine und Pick Tower

Watch our free webinar on-demand to learn how Locus Robotics made multi-level mezzanine management easy and efficient. The advanced optimization engine intelligently orchestrated in-level task/pick clustering and directed pick-and-pass across multiple levels in mezzanines and vertical warehouses, resulting in increased productivity, flexibility, and optimal pick density. Download this on-demand webinar to learn the top benefits of Persons-to-Goods (P2G) over Goods-to-Person (G2P) warehouse automation, including: * Streamlined operations * Boosted productivity * Improved accuracy * Increased employee retention Whether you're grappling with fluctuating order volumes, seeking to reduce labor costs, or aiming to enhance your team's efficiency, our Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kait Peterson will illuminate the path to achieving these goals through the strategic adoption of P2G warehouse automation.

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