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Webinar Registration: The P2G Advantage

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Webinar: The P2G Advantage

Top Advantages of P2G Warehouse Automation

The demand for flexible, scalable solutions that create efficiency and productivity in your warehouse has never been more critical. Download this on-demand webinar to learn the top benefits of Persons-to-Goods (P2G) over Goods-to-Person (G2P) warehouse automation, including: * Streamlined operations * Boosted productivity * Improved accuracy * Increased employee retention Whether you're grappling with fluctuating order volumes, seeking to reduce labor costs, or aiming to enhance your team's efficiency, our Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kait Peterson will illuminate the path to achieving these goals through the strategic adoption of P2G warehouse automation.


New Robots Emerge for Pallet Moving

After the COVID 19 boom in e commerce, many robotic suppliers have shifted and are focusing on the need to efficiently handle boxes, cases, totes, and palettes. In this insightful session, you’ll hear from the moderator, Eugene Demaitre, Editorial Director of Peerless Media; Jason Walker, VP of Market Development at Locus Robotics; and Ruddick Lawrence, CTO and Co-founder of Rapid Robotics.


I Need to Automate, So Now What? SupplyChainBrain Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Neil Bentley, Senior Director of Product Management at Locus Robotics, explore the world of robotics automation for warehouses, select the right technology for your operation's success, and enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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Say Goodbye to Supply Chain Woes With Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics' Best-in-Class Integrated Solution

Webinar discussing the growing importance of automation, digitalization, and hybrid workforce strategies in modern warehousing to enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and fulfillment network expansion, featuring speakers from Locus Robotics, Stord, and Badger Fulfillment Group.


LocusBot Takes Center Stage at SAP TechEd

Locus Origin showcased its collaboration with SAP at SAP TechEd, highlighting how Locus Robotics and SAP streamline warehouse operations through mobile device scanning for order accuracy.


Automated Warehouses Win: Staying Competitive Through Technology

As ecommerce trends continue to grow and supply chains become increasingly complex, competitive warehouse operations are upgrading their fulfillment technology to include multiple forms of automation. In order to maintain flawless, end-to-end order fulfillment, process digitization, robotics, and hybrid workforce strategies have become operators’ number one priority. Watch this webinar to learn about the new age of warehousing.


DELIVER 2021 - VF and Locus Robotics - Amsterdam, NL

Watch this webinar to learn why VF Corporation chose Locus Robotics to reduce operating costs by implementing an autonomous mobile robot solution, successfully deploying it in Prague, and expanding into Belgium to meet rising e-commerce demands amid a labor shortage.


Rethinking Fulfillment: It's Not the Pandemic, It's the Future

Webinar discusseing how the pandemic accelerated digitization and automation in warehouses to enhance productivity, speed up fulfillment, and manage costs, featuring insights from industry experts.


Transforming Healthcare with a Digital Supply Chain

Webinar on healthcare industry leaders discussing the implementation of AMRs and warehouse automation to modernize logistics and supply chain processes while ensuring data integrity, adapting to new healthcare developments, and modernizing logistics and inventory management processes.

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