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Automotive Case Study

ISN Doubles Productivity of Automotive Supply Orders with LocusBots

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The robots are doing all of the traveling and the team is really just doing the picking. So instead of paying people to travel, we’re paying people to pick.

Theron Neese, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Integrated Supply Network

Overview & Challenge

Integrated Supply Network (ISN) is a wholesale automotive tooling distributor with an omnichannel customer base. The team at ISN was looking to improve productivity and reduce the pressure on labor challenges that were affecting throughput. 

They consulted with their WMS provider of 16 years, Körber, to find a solution that can easily be integrated into their existing facility. Their customers’ expect orders to be shipped same-day, so the solution needed to be flexible and scalable as demand changes. 

After reviewing options, the teams determined that the Locus solution will help the facility with its throughput goals as well as “the extra benefits of being able to increase accuracy, being able to have increased visibility over what’s going on in the warehouse, and being able to scale up for those peak demand periods of the year,” said Carl Oreback, Project Manager and Solutions Consultant at Körber. 

Chief Supply Chain Officer at ISN Theron Neese added, “When you work with folks that already have a partnership, most of that integration work has been done.”

Locus Multi-Bot Solution at Industrial Supply Network


Deployed LocusBots


Weeks for Implementation


Analytics + Reporting Dashboards


Automotive supplier deploys robots in just 7 weeks and sees a 230% productivity increase

“We’ve seen our efficiency in terms of picks per hour double since we’ve implemented the solution,” said Paul Brothers, Senior Manager at ISN’s Buford Distribution Center. “It’s been a 3-way partnership that’s really made it very easy to implement. January 6th was our first kickoff call, and we had robots picking on March 10.” 

The Locus solution was deployed into this existing environment with almost no modifications, simply setting up a few induction and drop-off points. “The integration was really seamless. We were picking the same day and doing the same volume. We didn’t shut down, we didn’t pause, we never took a break,” said Theron. 

The Körber solution at ISN includes a cartonization feature that determines the shipping box needed for an order prior to picking. Combined with a total AMR solution, robots now travel to fulfill orders through faster pick paths than associates with carts and skip a manual point of transfer at the packing station. 

Almost immediately, associates went from picking 20- 40 lines per hour using a traditional cart to some reaching 100 lines per hour with robots. In addition to the productivity increase, the team saw order accuracy increase and a significant decrease in the time it takes to train new associates. It has also made it easier to attract new employees looking for a more modern workplace without the physical tolls that come with traveling around a warehouse with a traditional cart. 

“Here we’ve had a successful implementation, but that’s the first mile of the marathon,” said Paul. The team plans to extend to solution to include putaway functions and to implement in other ISN facilities.


Productivity Increase

Fast Implementation

Reduced Training Time

Real-Time Reporting

“Right now the Locus solution is only used on the picking side. We’re just starting phase 2 which is to extend that to putaway as well. ”
Carl Oreback
Project Manager, Solutions Consultant, Körber
“It’s extremely easy from a training perspective. If you can use an iPad, you can pick on Locus. ”
Theron Neese
Chief Supply Chain Officer, ISN
“You just grab your item, put it in. It’s almost like a game rather than a job. ”
Hayden Yonney
Warehouse Associate, ISN

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