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Deployment Case Study

Taylored Services - 3PL & Omni-Channel

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"Automation is key to our productivity"

Rose Marie Trainor, Senior Director of Operations

Taylored Services

Overview & Challenge

Taylored Services provides warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services to its customers. As an omnichannel, end-to-end solution, clients are high-demand and require products to arrive on time and in full. 

The team at Taylored Services stays ahead of the competition by leveraging technology to grow the business and help clients advance through efficiency and better utilization of resources. To improve fulfillment, they sought technology that’s scalable, shortens lead times, and improves the quality of service. 

“We’re always looking for a better way to do things. Our culture is continuous improvement,” says Tom McCormack, Chief Information Officer. 

The team evaluated many solutions and chose Locus Robotics because the robots are easy to use, the technology is created to efficiently deploy orders, and the integration is simple. 

Brian Southwell, VP, Business Development & Marketing, shares that the Locus solution will allow the facility to “leverage our current employee base to get much more product out the door.

Critical Factors for Automation at Taylored Services


Shorter Lead Times


Quality of Service


Simple installation, integration,a nd deployment leads to increased productivity from day 1

Locus deployed autonomous mobile robots along with a suite of actionable reporting tools and dashboards. This installation included a systems integration with the WMS and network, a solution design of the facility and workflow, and the physical implementation of the robots including navigation and pick testing.

“Locus made it an easy transition,” said Tom about the transition in picking, replacing manual processes using handheld RF devices with collaborative LocusBots. 

Picking associates are excited about the new solution. Anthony Smith, lead associate, said, “Picking to LocusBots is a little easier because you don’t have to do so much walking. You can simply stand in a couple aisles and the robots come to you, you pick and then the robots go to the packing area.” 

The team is enthusiastic about getting ahead of challenges and further expanding into reverse logistics to bring more value to their clients.

Robotic Automation Installation


Systems Integration


Solution Design




Continuous Evaluation

“The [display] allows multiple languages that we implemented on the first day and it has works very well for us ”
Tom McCormack
Chief Information Officer,
“We were picking and packing right out of the gate.”
Brian Southwell
VP, Business Development & Marketing,
“I was surprised with how smooth it was, we’ve been really happy with the results so far ”
Jacqui Rearden
VP, Engineering & Project Management,

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