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B2B Materials Supplier

Sandow Business Use Case

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“My team thought I was crazy to start with robots. Typically, you bring in robots to gain additional efficiencies. Instead, I wanted to find the right robotics partner and then build around the right robotic technology to have maximum efficiency.”

Adam Sandow, Founder and CEO

Overview & Challenge

B2B materials supplier prepares for a fastgrowth future with a fleet of mobile robots

Many companies integrating robotics seek to add them to their current warehouse layout to keep the workflow moving seamlessly. Material Bank, a B2B materials supplier, saw an opportunity to build their entire business model and warehouse around the robotic solution from the very start for even more gains. 

There was a specific need to find a technology that can scale as the company grows, with plans to build a facility six times larger than their 74,000ft2 facility within the following 2 years. 

Disruption is just the beginning

In just the first 7 months since go-live, Material Bank
grew to over 11,000 users in the design industry,
growing 30% each month with thousands on a waitlist.
Two years since the successful deployment,
Material Bank tripled the amount of robots to 45 with
plans to top 100+ in early 2021. They also quadrupled
the number of SKUs and grew revenues by 300%.
LocusBots initially processed 100,000 units per month
and are now processing 3 times that amount.

Locus initially deployed a multi-bot solution of 10 bots that were fully up-and-running in just 14 weeks, picking up to 8 orders at a time on each robot. 

Locus Multi-Bot Solution


Deployed LocusBots


Weeks for Implementation


Container configurations

Rich Analytics + Actionable Reporting Dashboard


The solution has also evolved to meet Material Bank’s changing inventory. LocusBots are now utilizing 7 unique tote configurations. 

“Speed and accuracy are critical for us to meet customer demand especially with a guaranteed next day delivery by 10:30am” shares Sr. Director of Fulfillment and Logistics Mike Nowell. “Locus delivers a flexible solution to support our ever growing and changing business model which makes them a leader in the industry. They easily stand out above the rest as a great business and solutions partner.” 

Tote configurations chosen for B2B materials picking

  • Multi-Tote Induction for picking multiple orders
    at the same time
  • Seven Bin Sizes to support various sizes of orders and product types

B2B materials supplier

  • 74,000ft2 facility

  • 1,000,000 inventory

  • Highly diverse materials + sizes


increase in picking robots


Bots planned for early 2021


increase in units picked monthly


increase in inventory

Expanding to include Putaway

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