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Overview & Challenge

Quiet Logistics is one of the largest third-party fulfillment companies utilizing mobile robot automation. It specializes in inventory management, delivery, and personalized brand experiences for ecommerce retailers. For 6 years, Locus AMRs have helped Quiet with one of its most important customer demands: fast deliveries shipped same-day. 

Like many operations seeking to get more out of the same square footage, Quiet warehouses have built vertical fulfillment levels using mezzanines. Each mezzanine is about 74,000 ft2 and adds a layer of complexity when it comes to fulfilling orders quickly with items that are located on different levels. 

“The biggest differentiator with Locus is our multi-bot approach. That’s how we can really provide meaningful productivity improvements,” said Steve Branch, Sr. Director of Sales Engineering at Locus Robotics. The Locus fleet recently grew with the acquisition of cutting-edge heavy duty robots, adding the ability to support a full spectrum of product sizes and weights from each picks to heavy pallets. 

Locus’s robotics-enabled warehouse execution platform uses the multi-bot approach to optimize.

“You can have Locus robots on every floor”
Steve Branch
Sr. Director of Sales Engineering, Quiet Logistics

Locus Multi-Bot Solution at Quiet Logistics


Sites with LocusBots


Active LocusBots


Mezzanine Levels

3rd party logistics company uses LocusBots to provide same-day shipping for SKUs on multiple mezzanines

"The Locus solution solves critical problems that a company like Quiet Logistics faces and that’s making workers more efficient, reducing cost per unit, allowing for faster and accurate order picking, at a much lower capex requirement than traditional warehouse automation solutions,” said Brian Lemerise, Chief Operating Officer. 

The Locus deployment team prominently places dashboards in warehouses to display pick rates, active lines, the number of units per order, the ratio between robots and pickers, the location of picks, and other operational performance information in real-time.

Combined with Locus management and reporting tools, leaders at Quiet are equipped with actionable insights on all areas of operations. 

“The reports that we have from Locus are phenomenal,” said Jesse. “They are really instrumental on getting through our day and being able to service that customer at the highest level during peak seasons.” 

“This is the future of supply chain,” said Jesse, Quiet is on track to pick over 100 million units this year, “and without automation that would not be possible.”

“We can supplement our hardworking labor with warehouse automation to make same-day shipping possible. ”
Brian Lemerise
Chief Operating Officer, Quiet Logistics
“The company is only 10 years old and we’re already leaps and bounds ahead with the robots that we have ”
Dawn Fritche
General Manager Dallas/Ft. Worth, Quiet Logistics

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