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3PL Case Study

GEODIS Drives Digital Transformation with Locus

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Implementation for this site was actually a record, 6 weeks start to finish.

Daniel Ferguson, Director of Continuous Improvement


Overview & Challenge

GEODIS is a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a multi-tenant 500,000ft2 facility in Kutztown, PA. One customer in this facility is an omnichannel retailer that occupies 219,000ft2 for the fulfillment and return of apparel and accessories. 

This customer was looking for an automation solution that would alleviate the reliance on labor (especially when the hiring periods are difficult), prioritize employee safety with social-distancing measures, and outperform the competition in customer service. 

In addition, the team was planning to implement this new solution just before Peak season, causing some apprehension about making changes in workflows so close to the busiest time of the year. However, the team at GEODIS was confident that the Locus solution would be the best fit, and that an implementation in a short timeframe would be successful. 

“We chose to go with robotics because it is scalable,” said Eli Camplei, Director of Operations. Daniel Ferguson, Director of Continuous Improvement, added, “Given our track record with Locus and the number of implementations we have under our belt, we were confident we can do it with ease."

Locus Multi-Bot Solution at GEODIS


Deployed LocusBots


Weeks for Implementation


Container configurations




Analytics + Actionable Reporting Dashboard


6-week automation deployment positioned retailer for a successful peak season with increased productivity and reduced cycle times in pick and putaway

Following a record 6-week deployment, GEODIS saw immediate increases in productivity heading into Peak season. “Some of the benefits we’ve seen with Locus are productivity and efficiency, “ said Eli, noting that workers averaging 100 UPH using traditional picking methods are now averaging upwards of 175 UPH. Some associates are even averaging around 200 UPH. 

“We are able to service the account much better, our cost per unit has gone down from a labor perspective, and our cycle time has reduced,” said Daniel. 

In addition to increased picking productivity, the workflow for processing returns has been reduced by 2-3 steps through the collaborative use of robots. Both picking and putaway have been supported through dashboards and reporting tools that provide real-time actionable data for management. “The dashboards are key for our success with the robots,” said Daniel. 

Compared to training associates on traditional cartpicking methods, training new hires to collaborate with LocusBots has drastically reduced the time it takes to get new associates picking. 

“It’s a huge cost savings factor when you’re constantly bringing new people during peak season, it’s much quicker to get them up to speed,” said Felix Torres, Assistant Operations Manager. Eli added, praising the improved labor retention, “This particular client has the highest amount of retention due to employees asking family and friends to come work here.”


Productivity Increase


Reduced order cycle times


Reduced cost per unit

More efficient returns processing

Reduced new hire training time

Successful AMR adoption by workers

“I’m really competitive so when I see the numbers, it makes me want go work faster. ”
Amanda Bohn
Warehouse Picker, Geodis
“It’s very simple. I like working better with the robot because it’s faster and it’s easier.* ”
Elio Rodriguez
Warehouse Picker , *translated from Spanish
“I was ecstatic when I first saw the robots. When they finally brought them over to returns I wanted to be the first one to learn. ”
Tanya Snyder
Customer Support Representative, Geodis

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