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3PL Case Study

DHL Life Sciences

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The innovation is very simple. It fits our model, it’s helped us gain some very good numbers in productivity. It was easy to implement, easy to maintain and train on. This innovation has helped us be the change.

Mike Nowell, General Manager

DHL Supply Chain NA

Overview & Challenge

DHL Supply Chain, the global leader in contract logistics and part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, turned to Locus Robotics for a solution that would improve their customers’ supply chains, increase efficiency, and drive fulfillment productivity. 

Locus initially implemented a six-robot pilot into their 18.000-square-foot life sciences facility in Tennessee, quickly deploying and seamlessly integrating with the facility’s WMS system. 

DHL saw immediate and significant performance increases along with reduced order cycle times. They quickly expanded their robot fleet to 56 LocusBots deployed across 99,000 square feet of the Tennessee facility. 

With Locus’s patented, multi-bot “swarming” technique, DHL is now able to process over 20,000 units per day.

Locus Multi-Bot Solution at GEODIS


Deployed LocusBots


Weeks for Implementation


Container configurations

Detailed Analytics + Insightful Reporting Dashboard


LocusBots increase worker productivity 200% and reduce cycle time by 50% in DHL’s life sciences fulfillment facility

DHL processes more than double the volume of orders while maintaining the same worker headcount. Productivity rates now exceed 150 units per hour (UPH) versus the initial baseline. 

Orders are processed faster, ensuring that product is always out of the door on time, meeting DHL’s critical customer SLAs. 

The solution was fully deployed in less than 90 days, and DHL may add additional bots to their fleet in just minutes to meet seasonal demand. 

Simple, intuitive training gets workers trained and working with LocusBots within minutes. Workers reported higher levels of workplace satisfaction. 

LocusNet reporting gives DHL enhanced, realtime visibility to effectively manage and address business challenges.


Increased Productivity


Reduce Cycle Time


Reduced Training Time

Real-Time Reporting

Fast Implementation

“We’re able to manage the business much closer and in detail. Locus provides us realtime data that brings a lot of visibility to the operation”
Mike Nowell
General Manager, DHL Supply Chain
“We were surprised at how smooth the implementation was. Also, just how flexible and scalable it is as well.”
Adrian Kumar
VP of Solutions Design, DHL Supply Chain

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