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Retail Case Study

Carhartt Shares How They Leverage DHL/Locus for 2x Success

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We’ve seen UPH productivity double, which is huge to anybody operating warehouses on a costs and efficiency play.

Tony Gariety, VP of Distribution Operations


Overview & Challenge

Established in 1889, Carhartt is a global premium workwear brand with a rich heritage of developing rugged products for workers on and off the job. To accelerate their growth, Carhartt needed a way they could quickly scale and close their capacity gap to improve distribution and speed. 

DHL Supply Chain, a world-leader in thirdparty fulfillment and logistics, was an ideal choice. 

After reviewing options, DHL recommended the Locus solution to help optimize order profiles and “lessen the amount of walking associates had to do. To minimize that, we chose LocusBots to close the gap of some of the physicality and the space challenges of big volume warehousing.” said Tony Gariety, Vice President of Distribution Operations at Carhartt. 

With the Locus deployment, “we saw immediate impact to productivity and throughput on day one as well as a big boost in employee morale," said Tim Dolcich, Director of Engineering, DHL.”

Critical Factors for Automation at Carhartt

Eliminated Cart Picking

Reduced Operating Costs

Increased Efficiency


Apparel retailer deploys robots and sees a 200% productivity increase

"We've had some past experience with AGVs, and the size, cost model, maintenance, and upkeep with Locus has been a lot better,” said Gariety. “The flexibility of adding and reducing as needed has been much better and then the usability of the technology with the language has been, honestly, a game changer." 

The Locus solution has helped the human associates with lessened exertion, flexibility, and more. “The robots have enabled our associates to be cross-trained in other different environments, and we’ve seen promotions as a result,” said Reese Clemens, General Manager, DHL. 

The Locus solution dashboard also benefits the full team. "With the dashboard, we can see when products are starting to ramp up and go out by tracking where the robots are going on a day-to-day basis," said Gariety.

“So we make adjustments based off that data to place more product into areas and reduce traffic. It gives us a live mapping of what's going in and out so we can position it productively." 

Carhartt and DHL found Locus’s easy scalability ideal to meet seasonal volume increases. "Peak season was incredibly successful," said Justin Kastman, Director of Operations, DHL. "We had a record day of over 110,000 units picked that were supported by Locus in the each pick process." 

“Throughout the whole process, we've been supported along the entire way with Locus," continued Kastman. "We just crossed the 10 million unit mark at this facility seven or eight months after our Go-Live. That was incredibly fast and shows again the value that Locus has brought to the facility here."


Productivity Increase

Reduced cycle times

Rapid scalability

Record Peak throughput rates

Increased Labor Retention

“The robots make picking more accurate because they go directly to where the pick item is and the robot will sit and wait for you. ”
Barbara Spillman
Team Lead, DHL Supply Chain
“The robots drive the work and the management staff is able to work closer with the associates to help drive productivity. ”
Tim Dolcich
Director of Engineering, DHL Supply Chain
“One of the reasons I came to this account was because of the robot solution. ”
Tristan Hatcher
Operations Manager, DHL Supply Chain

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