LocusONE is the industry’s first data science-driven warehouse automation platform for enterprise-wide AMR deployments & performance management in brownfield or greenfield environments. The LocusONE platform supports the wide-range of material movement needs found in today’s fulfillment and distribution warehouses, enabling facilities of any size to operate a single, coordinated fleet encompassing multiple AMR form factors.

Coordinated Fleet Management & Peak Scalability

The LocusONE platform supports all sizes of warehouse deployments, small to large. It is robust enough to support a thousand or more robots operating in sites as large as one million square feet or more, executing multiple use cases simultaneously in a single, intelligent, and orchestrated solution. With LocusONE, LocusBots scale easily to engage in a diverse array of tasks — including each picking and putaway, case picking and putaway, replenishment, pallet building, routine routes, point-to-point transport, counting, and more — within a single warehouse.

Seamless Integration With Data Science Driven Visual Reporting & Operations Management

LocusONE includes Locus’s award-winning LocusView package, delivering data-driven, actionable insights across more than two dozen insightful reports and real-time dashboards, including labor guidance, predictive insights for work completion, operational comparisons against targets or time periods, order pool tracking and guidance, mission analysis and optimization, key performance visualization, and more.


Seamless Integration of other Systems & Technologies

LocusONE integrates rapidly and efficiently with other automation technology – such as sortation or packaging systems – ensures that a nimble, scalable robotics solution can be easily deployed into both brownfield and greenfield environments. LocusONE integrates with any WMS system to provide flexible and dynamic fleet management enabling easy deployment of a mix of Locus Origin, Vector, and Max AMRs integrated and tailored to meet each warehouse’s specific needs.