Locus Fleet

Powered by LocusONE, the industry’s first data science-driven warehouse automation platform for enterprise-wide AMR deployments & performance management in brownfield or greenfield environments. LocusONE assigns the right task to the right bot, optimizing your operation in real time.

Locus Origin

Engineered for maximum warehouse efficiency, Locus Origin delivers optimal productivity with agile maneuverability, incorporating the latest navigation and vision system technologies. Works safely and easily alongside associates in dynamic environments.

Locus Vector

The AMR with the flexibility for a wide range of roles from fulfillment to transport to putaway. Locus Vector features an industrial strength chassis, omnidirectional mobility, and compact design for use in any environment.

Locus Max

Get unparalleled flexibility and heavyweight capacity with Locus Max. Easily transport a wide variety of materials, cartons, or pallets across your facility. Heavy-duty design that’s ideal for industrial and material handling applications.